• F1 Visa Interview - Fall 2012

    Students have started attending F1 US visa interview for Fall 2012. Here is the visa experience of a student.

    Let me start with a important points to attend visa interview

    1. You can attend visa interview 120 days prior to i20 starting date.
    2. You can attend visa interview without Final Degree certificate.

    F1 Visa Interview Experience - Fall 2012

    Well I had my F1 Visa interview today and this is how it went. I doubt you will even call it a Visa interview after you read it, but hey, I am definitely not complaining

    VO: Hi, step forward please!
    Me: Hi, Good morning, how are you?

    VO: Ah, good morning, I am great, thanks! How about you?
    Me: I am doing great, thanks

    Then someone came upto him and asked him something. He told me "one sec", switched off the microphone and started talking to this other guy. He was talking for about 2 mins and I was freaking out on the other side of the damned glass window! After what seemed like an eternity, he switches the microphone on.

    VO: Sorry, for the delay! The crowd is just too much!
    Me: Not a problem! I totally understand!

    VO: So, how many colleges did you apply to?
    Me: 15 colleges!

    VO: And you chose..(goes through my I-20) Purdue University..okay! And you are gonna do..(goes through my I-20 again) Mechanical engineering?
    Me: Yes!

    VO: Who is sponsoring you?
    Me: My dad.

    VO: And what does he do?
    Me: He is the President of a shipping agency in Chennai!

    VO: You sure he can sponsor you, right?
    Me: Yes! I can show you the financial docs I have here if you want...?

    VO: No, no! That's okay! I believe you.You were rejected for a US visa last year?
    Me: Yes, for a tourist visa!

    VOwith a smile on his face) Your visa is approved and should reach you in a week! Have fun at Purdue!
    Me: Thanks a lot, have a nice day!

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    1. rayyan309's Avatar
      rayyan309 -
      some more experiences please guys...
    1. avinash178's Avatar
      avinash178 -
      you are very luckiest to finish the visa interview within few mins.congrats,may i know where is this embassy located?
    1. avinash178's Avatar
      avinash178 -
      where is this interview happened in chennai or hyderabad?
    1. GOURI4U's Avatar
      GOURI4U -
      Hi friends i got my visa approval today at Hyderabad embassy for fall 2012,
      My profile
      Degree percentage : 70 % toefl – 85 . gre – no ,
      My interview was at 9.45 am and i went at 8.30 and went inside at 9.30 and completed all procedure and my interview at 12.45 my number called
      M e : good after noon sir Vo : not even responded and saw me seriously and said nice shirt , { i was tensed}
      Vo : which university me : western Illinois university
      Vo : whats your gre score me : { i was praying god that he should not ask me that question , but that was my 1st question i thought i am finished and rejected but took courage and dared and said } i was well prepared to give my gre but when i concern with university regarding admission requirement they asked me to submit my toefl score so that was the reason i went with toefl { he looked me seriously }
      Vo : how many you applied me : 3 .
      Vo : which , me : wiu , isu , wsu
      Vo: does 3 universities admitted you without gre me: yes
      Vo: can you prove it me: i gave my 3 i20s
      Vo : he saw and read all clearly , me : i was confident about it
      Vo: whats ur percentage , me : 70%
      Vo : how many backlogs . me : 3
      Vo : when did you graduated . me – dec-2009
      Vo: what you doing from then , me : trying to perceive certain practical experience in the field of my study
      Vo : who is sponsing you , me ; my dad
      Vo ; whats his annual income and what he does me: 9 lakh and he works for department of food and agriculture
      Vo : just say a reason how your ms degree helps you when you come back . me: balhhhhhhhhh
      Vo : you are on , enjoy the usa trip and said something { i didn’t even listened} me: thanks a lot sir
      Friends my sugession for all is that even you don’t have gre and less toefl don’t get panic , be confident ,he didn’t even checked my single document expect 3 i20s so better to take your all admitted letters , be positive all will be good ,if anyone have any problem and help just mail me at { naveen_kumar76@yahoo.com } god bless you all
    1. vivek.0454's Avatar
      vivek.0454 -
      Hi gouri ,
      Thanx for sharing u r experience it was helpful well i have my visa date booked on 17 may 2012 and i have completed my degree in 2008. Well all goes well.
    1. vivek.0454's Avatar
      vivek.0454 -
      HI gouri,
      Thanx for sharing your experience amd congrats on u r visa . Mine is scheduled on 17 may and i am an 2008 btech passout welll hope everything goes well.
    1. kasi's Avatar
      kasi -
      hi my name is viswanath ..i m planing go for spring intake in 2013...i hv less % in 10 i hv 52% and inter(+2) i hv 70% and engineering i hv 54%..i did my engineering 5year ..i have 20 backlogs in my engineering ...any one give so advise for me how to get admission in university and visa ...plse help me
    1. kasi's Avatar
      kasi -
      hi this kasi ...i m intersted in study in ms(computer ) in usa ..but i hv less %in 10th 52% +2(inter)70% and engineering i hv 54%and i delay my course one year and i hv 20 backlogs in my be ..any one give me advise for how to get admission in good university and i hv chance to get visa ..ple tell...my email:kasi2bolla@gmail.com
    1. sudhakar's Avatar
      sudhakar -
      this is sravan,my GRE score is 293(136,157).Btech 65 wid 4 backlogs.im some what tensed whether i will visa or not can any1 guide me whether i need to write exam again or else this is enough..my email:sra1pothineni@gmail.com
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