• F1 Visa Experience at Mumbai Consulate - Carnegie Mellon University

    Guyzz here is my F1 visa interview experience. Hope this is useful to all : -
    29th Nov, Mumbai Consulate : -
    A young lady was sitting in front of me : -

    Me : - Gm mam
    VO : - Gm. Which university r u going to. (she meant business)
    Me : - Carnegie Mellon University.
    VO : - What is ur major?
    Me : - Masters in Engineering and Technology Innovation Managament.
    VO : - Show me your I20
    Me : - Gave.
    VO : - When did u complete ur undergrad?
    Me : - May - 2007
    VO : - What have u been doin since then?
    Me : - Told her about my work experience.
    VO : - How r u funding ur education?
    Me : - I am cofunded by my parents. I also have an education loan and a scholarship.
    VO : - How much education loan r u takin?
    Me : - Around 20 lac INR mam.
    VO : - What is ur parents annual income?
    Me : - Told.
    VO : - What do ur parents do?
    Me : - Told.
    VO : - How much scholarship do u have?
    Me : - $10000 mam.
    VO : - Is this scholarship goin to be offered in d second year as well?
    Me : - My course is of only 1 year mam.
    VO : - Oh. Ok. Which other universities did u apply to?
    Me : - Told.
    VO : - Congratulations Sir! Ur visa has been approved.
    Me : - Thank you mam. Have a nice day!

    Guyz she dint even bother to check any of my documents accept I20. CONFIDENCE is d key guyz. Keep ur ans short n simple n plzz "DONT MUG UP". U will not remember anythin there. If u have really put ur heart into ur application u shud have no probms gettin thro....
    All d best to all u guyzz!!!! I am now looking forward towards joining CMU..
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