• F1 Visa Interview Experience at Mumbai BKC Consulate

    VISA Experience
    Consulate: Mumbai BKC
    Date: 5th Dec 2011
    Time: 7:45 am

    I reached consulate around 6:30 am, thought I was very early but to my surprise there was crowd waiting already. At 7:15 am I was standing in a queue of students, HDFC receipt checked with i20 and passport. Then I entered the room where token number was given. My number was N 242. Then came the security check. All Docs and things were passed through X ray check.

    Then I entered the Main Hall of Interview which has around 42 counters. Done Finger printing at counter number 42, an Old American man greeted me -Good Morning Krunal ¯, I also wished the same. Then I sat on seat waiting for my number. After 12-14 mins my number was displayed. I got window number 35. She was a American Lady aging 30-35 years. A girl was in front of me who misinterpreted info on LCD and was redirected to other window. Now I was first one for this lady for that day. Now my interview Begins, it was little long, lasted for 3 minutes:

    VO: u N 242
    I was at 6 ft distance
    Me: yes mam
    VO: Come come come!!
    Me: Good Morning Mam, How r u???( With a Big Smile)
    VO: smiling back.. I m gud, How r u?
    Me: I am fine
    VO: your passport pls
    Me: Yes mam
    VO: So which school r u going for?
    Me: sorry mam( I cudnt hear "school")
    VO: which school?
    Me: UTA, University of Texas at Arlington
    VO: whats ur undergrad degree?
    Me: I have done Computer Enggineering with first class distinction
    VO: what is first class distinction?
    Me: mam its a highest attainable grade. There are grades like first class, second class. I got this grade with 70.30% mam
    VO: whats ur GRE?
    Me: 1200 with split up of 730 in quant and 470 in verbal
    VO: 470 in verbal?
    Me: yes mam
    VO: TOEFL?
    Me: 96 mam
    VO: Why u choose UTA?
    Me: research oriented studies + I get Focus on software Engg. Also, research work is done in software engg lab by Dr. Christoph Csallner and Dr. Yu Lei impressed me, So I would have academics + research + this would fulfill my long term goal of working as a Sr. Software Engg in TCS, India
    At this time, She went away with my i20, where these were hardest 3 minutes Dont know what doubt she had, or had other work.. god knows..
    She came back and Sat on chair but still was murmuring with VO on her right side. I was like " JALDI KARO YAAR!!!!!!!!!"
    Then she smiled me back and said " Oh !!! sorry!!!!"
    I asked myself why sorry, then realized oh she was not attending me for 3 long minutes that why she said sorryā€¦
    Me: No problem mam
    VO: smiled
    VO: tell me sumthing abt UTA?
    Me: UTA has good campus, one of the best colleges of UT system, My dept have 18 research labs.( Dnt knw jst spoke anything abt UTA without organization)
    VO: So, Do u have texas as a location preference?
    Me: No mam, it is having excellent software Engg curriculum and so I wud get academics + research opportunities.
    VO: So, How wud you fund? How wud you pay these fees? ( By looking towards i20)
    Me: My father works as a production manager In German MNC named XX pvt ltd.
    VO: do u have any assets?
    Me: I have assets worth XX lakhs and My father have savings worth XX lakhs and so there would be no problem financially. Should I show you docs..
    VO: Not Required.
    VO: whats your fathers annual income?
    Me: XX lacs per annum
    VO was continuously typing for 1 minute, nodded her head up down, looked Happy.. I now thought I would get it..
    Then came Golden awaited Words
    VO: "Congratulations, Your VISA is issued Your Passport will be deliverd ina week.
    Me: Thank you mam leaved, but again went to window and asked I would get passport in a week?
    VO: I dont know actually but it depends on VFS courier services.
    Me: Ok, thank you mam. Have a nice Day..(smiling)
    VO: smiling Good LUCK
    I came out of Consulate Smiling, Gave a Hug to my father who came with me at Mumbai.
    Friends just show confidence and have a smiley face They judge your confidence and your genuineness, dont try to make complicated answers. Thats it. Thanks a lot to this group. I wish all of you Best Of Luck
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