• F1 Visa Interview Experience at Kolkata US Consualte

    My F1 Visa Interview Experience at Kolkata US Consulate -Swadhin Prusty. Visa Approved

    F1 Visa Interview at Kokata Consulate

    Consulate -City of DADA(Kolkata)
    Date and Timing - June 06 , 9:00am Slot
    VISA Status - Approved
    University- Illinois Institute of Technology, MS Structural Engg
    (VO was an Indian guy in almost 30's)
    counter number:05
    Gre:300, Toefl: 90, Acads: 82% agg

    VO: Good morning(with a smile that would make u fell very relaxed)
    Me: A very good morning sir

    VO: How r u?
    Me: I am fine Sir, h r u?(passing the doc-PP, i-20, appntmt confm, ds-160)

    VO: Why are you going to the US?
    Me: Sir, to pursue Professional Masters in Structural Engineering

    VO: STRUCTURAL ENGINEERING!!! (with full energy)
    Me: Yes Sir!!!! (proudly)

    VO: Where did u do ur bachelors?
    Me: Sir, from ITER in Bhubaneswar

    VO: Which school?(I cudnt hear properly and asked 3 tyms...)
    Even the VO laughed at this...
    ME: (Poker face) Illinois Institute of Technology Sir.

    VO:At Chicago?
    (I again asked thrice)
    ME: I thot ab aur nahi hone wala!
    ME: Sorry Sir, it wasnt audible
    VO; smiled and said not to worry

    VO: How many universities had u applied for?
    ME: 2 sir, UNCC and ODU(fuillforms) with admits from both of them.

    VO: So, who ll be funding ur edu?
    Me: My parents Sir, both are into business dealing with construction materials and real estate.

    VO: Whats their annual income?
    Me: Its xx lacs pa.

    Vo: What will do after completing ur studies?
    ME: Will come back to India and join my father in his business.

    VO: How do u think ur studies wud help him n ur business?
    Me: Told

    VO: Place ur right hand fingers
    ME: Thanx a lot sir!!

    NO documents asked but yes it surely gives u a lot of confidence when arranged properly.

    Tip: Need not fake about anything...be confident and no artificial smile( as others say)
    Be yourself!!!

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