• F1 Visa Interview Experience at Hyderabad Consulate / Eastern Illinois University

    Date : Nov 17th
    Time : 09:30 AM
    Consulate : Hyderabad
    University: Eastern Illinois University
    Counter :13

    As I reached the counter, the Officer is interviewing an aged Indian couple who are going to US for their daughters Convocation. As soon as they left,

    VO: Hai
    ME: Hai Sir, How are you? (with smile)
    VO: Im good, how are you?
    ME: Im perfectly fine sir, thank you.
    VO: Why Eastern Illinois University?
    ME: Eastern Illinois University provides a rare combination program Computer Technology, which includes latest software technologies in combination with conventional Computer Science courses, It also provides theoretical approach of the concepts init. More over the School of Technology at Eastern Illinois University is ABET Accredidated, Accreditation Board for Engineering Technology.
    VO: Whats you GRE?
    ME: My GRE score is 1060.
    VO: What your academic percentage?
    ME: My undergraduate academic percentage is 78% First class with distinction with out backlogs and Im the second topper in my department.
    VO: Thats Good !! (with a smile)
    ME: Thank you Sir (with a very big smile)
    VO: Whats your Father?
    ME: My parents are sponsoring my education sir, they get an annual income of xx lacs, In which my father works for the state government of andhrapradesh under xx department as xx officer.
    VO: Do you have bank loan?
    ME: Yes Sir, I do have a bank loan of 15 lacs from state bank of hyderabad @ 13.75 % rate of Interest.
    VO: I approve your VISA, All the Best.
    ME: Thank you Sir
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