• F1 visa Interview in Dhaka, Bangladesh

    My F1 Visa Interview in Dhaka, Bangladesh US Consulate. Got it approved.

    I've been waiting for this day for last 1.5 years....
    Finally my day come to share my experience .......
    Consulate:- Dhaka, Bangladesh.
    Status:- Approved.
    Date:- 12th June At 10.30 A.M..

    I'm escaping the initial formalities. cos everyone knows that... Ohh let me tell you,, The visa officers is known to me, as I'm American centers member, So once i attended a seminar about education USA. and the seminar was conducted by him(Alex) I had a long time consuming conversation with him At American center.

    F1 Visa Interview in Dhaka, Bangladesh

    Here It goes..

    Me: Hey happy morning sir...(with a big smile)
    Vo: Hey Sagar, I met U before.. can u remember me..?
    Me: I just shocked. how can he remember me..? hmm I can remember u man..
    Vo: Ur looking very smart...
    Me: Thx sir...
    vo: So Sagar which school r u heading for..?
    Me: told..
    Vo: So did u got any scholarship..?
    Me: yes, sir. its $9000 per year.
    Vo: very good.. So what is ur course..?
    Me: Business Administration Majoring in Finance..
    Vo: Pretty good.. and he was typing something...
    Me: Then I was thinking my visa is being issued.. and was laughing internally..
    Vo: How can u fund ur education..?
    me: My father has a savings account there is 32 lacks also he has a FDR of
    20 lacks since Feb 2011, also I've a personally 10.60 lacks in my account.
    Vo: how u got a huge amount of money.?
    Me: Actually my father has given me this money for my higher education..
    Vo: what does ur father do..?
    me: My father is a businessman, he has a gold jewelry's shop, also he has a Super-shop. (I was wearing 2 golds rings on my finger and one white gold's ring in my another hand) he was looking through my rings..
    Vo: Gold's business...! it can be seen by ur rings..
    Me: ha ha ha... what about my visa sir..?
    Vo: It has already been issued..
    me: sure sir..?
    Vo: do u have any doubt..?
    me: that time I cried out..
    vo: plz plz plz don't cry,,, go out and meet with ur parents u'll feel good...
    me: thank u very very very very much sir.... Went very close to the microphone And again said thank u sir..
    vo: it's ok now go just go and enjoy... and nice stay in USA...

    I was very much confident during the interview, cos The visa officer known to me in fact he first recognized me that was a very plus point... I tried to shown my documents, but he was not interested, He Said me no need, I bliv u And I know u..
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