• F1 Visa Interview with Backlogs

    Shashank Akula
    Date: Nov 23rd, Hyderabad
    Status: Approved

    Me: Good Afternoon sir (with smile)
    VO: Good Afternoon
    VO: Oh u already got a visa for USA
    Me: yes sir. I have recieved B1 visa for some XXXX reason.
    VO: Where did u go ?
    Me: Places like NY, NJ, Orlando, Atlantic City, Niagara falls.
    VO: Wow Some nice places, u must have enjoyed a lot.
    Me: yes sir
    VO: Ok now lets come to ur academics, What's u r gre score ?
    Me: 1110 sir
    VO: Toefl ?
    Me: 94
    VO: Ug percentage?
    Me: 69%, Missed distinction by mere 1% sir.
    VO: How Many BackLogs ?
    Me: 2 sir
    VO: thats a good profile.
    VO: Why university?
    Me: Arkansas Tech University for XXXX reasons (here i gave 5 reasons and some proff names)
    VO: ok,How Many university's did u apply?
    Me: 4 sir started telling there names, UHCL, ATU, LTU, university of Texas,San Marcos.
    And i have all the four admits sir.
    VO: fine
    Started typing and said those magical words "U R VISA IS GRANTED SIR, U WILL GET U R PASSPORT WITH IN 3 DAYS"
    Thats it guys.
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