• F1 Visa Interview with 24 Backlogs

    I am Kesav attending for Fall 2012 F1 Visa Interview. My GRE is 270 and TOEFL score is 69. I have 24 backlogs and i cleared them by the end of final year(JNTU). i got admit for MS in CIS from Ganon University. What are my chances of Visa with backlogs?


    First thing you have to know is There is no law/rule to reject your F1 Visa based on the number of backlogs. You got admit from a US university since they are fine with your academic level and performance. So don't worry about academics. If the visa officer ask you about backlogs, tell him the genuine reason for your backlogs. Let him know that you did a good job by the end of your b.tech by clearing out all your 24 backlogs and you worked hard for it.

    F1 Visa interview interview is not just about your backlogs. It's about your financial documents, your scores, academic strength, your criminal background etc. Backlogs are just a part of F1 Visa interview. Moreover it is about Luck . Gud luck.

    F1 Visa Interview with Existing backlogs

    Currently if you are in 7th semester and if still didn't clear your backlog, you can attend visa interview. Visa Officer may put your visa approval on hold until you submit your marks list. They will temporarily approve your visa and will stamp the visa on the pasport only after submiting final marks list. In this case you don't need to attend for F1 Visa Interview again.

    Maximum backlogs accepted for F1 Visa Interview

    Visa Officer evaluate your degree not the number of backlogs. I have seen a guy who had around 30+ backlogs and got visa approved for first time in US Consulate.

    Readers, please add your inputs.

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    1. Unreg's Avatar
      Unreg -
      thanks for the inforamtion
    1. sourav's Avatar
      sourav -
      I am really looking forward to know what happens in his interview ? did he already attended the interview ...pls let us know when he gets the F1 Visa. If he gets ... indeed it would an inspirational story for all of us who is in trepidation about F1 Visa
    1. vicky's Avatar
      vicky -
      ur score is less buddy ...that might b a problem
    1. kalp's Avatar
      kalp -
      what if the person has two drops in engg?will he able to get visa or even admisson?
    1. registered's Avatar
      registered -
      I had many backlogs..more than 15 but i got d visa
    1. Zeeshan's Avatar
      Zeeshan -
      Sir, I wanted to apply Marquette Univ . even i contact those univ persons and i told them i have less scores in GRe and IELTS
      still they want me to apply , i doubt they will reject my application

      I have GRE 710 {350 Verbal 360 quants}
      IELTS {6.0}
      B.tech 65% {21 backlogs}

      Shud i apply or not.

      p.s: As you mentioned Marquette Univ under 1000 GRE required
    1. vivek199's Avatar
      vivek199 -
      what if we he doesn't mention about backlogs as he cleared all........he can produce only CMM and PC
    1. zeeshan's Avatar
      zeeshan -
      Pls reply to me

      i'am confused shall i apply or not , becoz earlier also i applied 1 univ , personally contacted them also they asked me to apply but later they rejected my application
    1. Seshu241's Avatar
      Seshu241 -
      MaRQUETTE rejected me and the reason they me is,I don't have good proficiency in English.My GRE is 1110 AND IELTS is 6.0,applied for Electrical and Computers.But got admission from IIT and Valporaiso for Information Technology
    1. zeeshan's Avatar
      zeeshan -
      Thanks for responding @ seshu

      :* for which intake u applied
      and 6.0-6.5 bands are acceptable in thier graduate catalog
    1. rbnair's Avatar
      rbnair -
      By the way what do you actually mean by backlog? Say, a student could not clear two subjects in the first semester, cleared one of them in the second sem and the other in the third sem. Cleared all subjects of second sem, third, etc ...... upto final including final sem. Is this called a backlog. If the visa officer asks you whether you have backlogs, what do you reply to it.
    1. mounicardy's Avatar
      mounicardy -
      Quote Originally Posted by registered View Post
      I had many backlogs..more than 15 but i got d visa
      As u stated that u have more than 15 backlogs, did the VO ask u in the Visa interview abt how many Backlogs u have? Some ppl say that, even though they have more backs, they'll say that they just had 2 or 3. But what if they r checked? We would got caught.
    1. Nikhil_Len's Avatar
      Nikhil_Len -
      Quote Originally Posted by registered View Post
      I had many backlogs..more than 15 but i got d visa
      hi how was your interview can u send it to me ......it will help me nikhileega@gmail.com.......
    1. ojalibgj's Avatar
      ojalibgj -
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    1. siddharthg's Avatar
      siddharthg -
      Hi im siddharth and i am a 2010 passed out with 2 years work experience. i have 33 backlogs and all have been cleared. i have contacted a consultancy and they are telling me that because of my number of backlogs my application will be rejected by universities in the abroad, is it true? Can't i apply for any university.

      Actually what do they consider as backlogs the total number of subjects failed or the total number of 0's in the credits in my B.Tech memo's. If they consider subjects i had 18 subjects as backlogs and if they consider the credits then i have 33.
    1. praveenv66's Avatar
      praveenv66 -

      Don't worry about backlogs. Although universities have limitations on backlogs, every individual will have an university suitable for their profile.
    1. Unregistered's Avatar
      Unregistered -
      is there any possibility to do MS , if having 50 backlogs which were cleared in latter!!!!!
    1. Unregistered's Avatar
      Unregistered -
      Sir I have completed by b.tech in 6years and with backlogs of 25 if I get any problem during visa and admission in USA for ms plz answer me
    1. Unregistered's Avatar
      Unregistered -
      Hi, I have 33 backlogs with repetition can I get the visa of US . did my medical reports helps in this.
    1. Unregistered's Avatar
      Unregistered -
      How can i clear my backlogs in one attempt in jntuk please help me i want to do my ms i have 12 backlogs in which i will 2 subjects as optionAl so plz help me
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