• F1 Visa fee for USA

    How much is F1 Visa fee for USA? How to pay the F1 Visa fee? Fall 2014 student should read this to know visa fee payment details.

    F1 Visa fee

    F1 Visa costs $200. Consulate conversion rate is 1 $ = 65 Rupees. So Consulate fee is 200x65 = 13000

    In additional to this VFS Service charge for F1 Visa fee is Rs. 386

    Together F1 Visa fee is 13000 + 386 = 13386

    How to pay F1 Visa fee

    You need to pay Student visa fee with the Unique Identification Number provided by USTRAVELDOCS.com

    USTRAVELDOCS is the website where you book US Visa appointment. After filling the information it would give you Unique Identification number with which you can pay the visa fee.

    You can take print of the Unique Identification number page AXIS bank or do the Online Transfer (NEFT).
    To do the NEFT transfer, first add the US Visa Mumbai bank to your personal bank account. After adding you can pay the visa fee. You need to pay the amount whatever USTRAVELDOCS website shows.

    You can't pay visa fee through Credit Card or Debit card via online.

    After paying visa fee 3 or 4 hours USTRAVELDOCS will let you to book visa dates.

    Each category has different visa fee structure. For example H1B Visa fee is $190 only. The way we need to make visa fee payment is same for all visas.

    To know more about paying F1 Visa fee, visit: http://www.msinus.com/content/us-visa-fee-payment-751/
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      it is $160 not $200. once check the website for correct info.
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