• How to Pay F1 Visa fee or HDFC bank fee?

    In order to book a F1 Student visa date, you need to pay F1 Visa fee which called as MVR fee. Here is complete details about US Student visa fee.

    New US Visa appointment System >>>

    US Visa fee Payment: Process and Options to Pay Visa Application fee>>>

    F1 Visa fee

    F1 Visa Fee - Amount ?

    The Visa application fee (MRV fee=$160 = Rs 8160) can be paid at any of the specified branches of HDFC bank. The bank will issue you a fee receipt with a unique serial number.

    Where to pay F1 Visa fees?

    You can pay US Student Visa fee at listed HDFC banks. click here to see HDFC bank list where you can pay the visa fee

    How long can i use HDFC bank receipt?

    You must appear for an Interview within 1 year (365 days) from the date you purchased your fee receipt from HDFC Bank. If you do not appear for an Interview within one year after the purchase of your fee receipt, it will no longer be valid

    Save the HDFC bank barcode receipts carefully. Because you are not allowed to enter visa consulate with out the fee receipt from HDFC bank

    Now your next step is to book visa date. Click here to learn how to book visa slot.

    I did not appear for my interview appointment, can I use the same HDFC receipt to schedule again?

    Applicants that have failed to appear for their scheduled interview appointment are considered as NO SHOW applicants. You need to reactivate your HDFC bank receipt a minimum of 2 working days after your scheduled interview appointment date. Visit any of VFS application centre along with your passport and valid original HDFC bank fee receipt.

    Pay service charge to be paid at VFS application centre ONLY, in cash or via demand draft in favour of ‘HDFC bank a/c VFS’. Note: This fee is not to be paid at HDFC bank.

    You can then use the same HDFC bank fee receipt to schedule a new interview appointment within the validity period of the HDFC bank fee receipt (1 year from the date of purchase).

    Note: Applicant scheduled at Mumbai Consulate that are No Show due to non submission of documents to VFS may also apply for reactivation of their receipt.

    Increased US F1 Visa Application fee

    Effective from April 13th 2012 F1 Visa fee is increased to a new rate $160 = Rs 8160

    pplicants having paid the old Visa fees $140 and $150 would be honored to appear for a visa Interview till July 12, 2012 with the same HDFC Visa receipt copy.

    Applicants appearing for Interview after July 13, 2012 would be required to carry the variance amount of old and new visa fees during interview, and submit at Embassy/Consulate. The amount can be paid in INR by Demand Draft / Cash or American Credit Card (issued by any bank in USA). IWP applicants eligible for finger printing waiver can submit the variance amount at VFS centre through Demand Draft only.

    Demand draft can be made in favor of
    New Delhi Embassy – ‘’U.S. Embassy New Delhi”
    Mumbai Consulate - American Consulate General, Mumbai”
    Chennai/Hyderabad/Kolkata Consulate - “U.S. Consulate General, Chennai’’ (Kolkata and Hyderabad as applicable)”
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      Usually you use it at an ATM other than a bank ATM, such as one found in a grocery store or cnnnevieoce store. Keep in mind that they are high-interest loans.I tried to use mine at a bank ATM and the teller looked at me like I was stupid, since it wasn't a debit card You can do it at any other ATMs, though.
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