• F1 Visa Experience at Hyderabad consulate - Arizona State University

    My Visa Interview experience - Suraj Thota
    HYD, 17th November, 11:00AM
    Counter: 12 ( VO was amide aged American with brown hair)
    UNIVERSITY: Arizona State UniversityVO was not looking at me…..was typing and looking something on his system.
    ME: Good afternoon sir
    VO: good afternoon
    VO: when did you complete your under graduation ?
    ME: This year may 2011 sir
    VO:what is your ug percentage ?
    ME: 73.46% sir
    VO: Thats good
    VO: Whatz your father
    ME: told
    VO: Why this university.
    ME: Arizona Stet University is one of the top schools for VLSI. It has got good VLSI CAD lab which wood be pretty much useful during my course.
    VO: What other universities have u applied?
    ME: told….He looked at me for the first time and asked the final question
    VO: wats ur gre score?
    ME: 1280
    VO: Pretty good….ur visa has been approved. U’l Get ur passport in a week.
    ME: Thank you sir
    Thanks to all group members……
    n all the best!!
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    1. chhavi's Avatar
      chhavi -
      thats really motivating.. thank u i too have applied for vlsi to asu.. looking forward to getting an admit from there
    1. venkat0070's Avatar
      venkat0070 -
      Same situation.....VLSI and ASU
    1. slgnmmykq's Avatar
      slgnmmykq -
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    1. VInz's Avatar
      VInz -
      Visa approved in Nairobi Embassy
      For university of California state university east bay hayward Bs computer science
      Time :6:45
      Token no :202
      Counter :2
      Me :gudmornin mum
      VO: mornin with a smile ,hw u today
      Me : am gud mom with smile
      VO: Mr xxx y CSUEB
      Me: told
      VO: how many applied
      Me :told
      VO: ua certificates (high school)
      Me: gave
      She went for two mins she came
      VO: who is ua sponser
      Me: told
      VO: ua visa is approved pick it after a week
      Me : was amazed (pardon please )
      VO: ua visa is approved Mr Xxxx

      Be prepared of any quiz asked n be confident
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