• F1 Visa Experience at Chennai for NJIT

    Dear Friends
    While reading the V.I in this group I was dreaming when would I post my experience..Finally the day has come to share my V.I experience..

    Sunder Gottumukkala
    Date: 27 th Dec
    Consulate: Chennai @ 9 am
    Status: Approved
    Duration of Interview: 1.30 min
    University: NJIT
    Profile: UG% 81 with a Gold Medal, S.V University, 1040 GRE

    F1 Visa Interview Experience at Chennai Consulate

    I reached consulate at 8:30 , there was a long Queue with tension in all their faces.. of course i was in tension too.. I have given my documents for verification, she asked me to retake the Picture without spectacles ( i thought "Madyalo ee twist enti ? asale tension tho vunte")... I went to the man whos taking picture again there was a lengthy queue which took 30 min.. Then re submitted the profile along with new picture.. then finger prints.. Finally I entered the GOLDEN GATE... at 9: 40 am... while waiting i was loooking at the counters 21,22,23.. In 21 counter there was a guy whos like sparrow and he's soo serious, 22 vo was cool but to my surprise he rejected someone. Finally my Token number displayed on the screen its 18
    Counter No: 18

    Gundu boss with a big smile in the face

    vo: Hi.. Gud morning .. How are u?
    me: Hi very gud mrng sir, thank you how are u doing sir?
    vo: thank u doing great..... (on seeing the monitor) So u r going to New Jersey?
    me: yes sir ( with a smile)

    vo: how u came to know abt this university?
    me: ( i thought "margaya sala" , i was expecting "why US?" r "why this University?") My under graduate professor suggested me this university...

    vo: he came very near to the glass and was starring into my eyes with a blank face..
    me: ( he was expecting more, so i contind) i did a project called "Touchless interaction " using computer vision and the Human COmputer Interaction, on seeing this my professor suggested me this university as there was serious research going on Computer Vision and Facial recognition......(interrupted)

    vo: thats interested.. whats ur under graduate percentage?
    me: sir its 81 % with a Gold Medal

    vo: (gave a big smile... ikkada vo flat ayyadu)
    me: i was the university Toper

    vo: do u have any backlogs?
    me: no sir( smile)

    vo: (he saw me ) haha
    vo: have u written GRE? pass it to me
    me: yes sir i wrote GRE.. passed the document ( i didnt mention the score,, let him seee)

    vo: so whos sponsoring u?
    me: my mother
    vo: whats she doing?
    me: she's making business
    vo: what kind of business?
    me: she's maintaining the textiles and readymade show room
    vo: whats the annual income?
    me: sir its xxlakhs per year
    ( it was rapid fire .. i made a mistake actually i should have answered all at once)

    vo: ( he was looking at the i20 - no match with the cost and income)
    me i forgot to say bank balance as he asked annual income i told that) i also have a bank balance of xx lakhs

    vo: thats good
    vo: (typed for sometime) hmm everything is great (smile)
    me: (i was looking and eagerly waiting for his golden words)

    vo: hmm i am issuing u visa .. u will get courier in 4 days
    me: (omg i got it) thank you very much sir.. and happy new year sir (smile)
    vo: thank youuuuuuu ( a big smile at the end)

    Friends i suggest u if u r wearing spectacles in visa photo, i suggest u to retake another one without spectacles have a copy with u on ur VI.. coz they asked every1 who's wearing spectacles to retake the picture which will be waste of 30-40 min and the tension increases more....

    Be confident and try to project the positive than negative things ....
    Thank u very much friends..

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