• F1 visa denied, what to do?

    hi! my name is achint and on 13th june, 2013 i had my visa interview. i applied for master of science in mechanical and aerospace engineering and couldnt get through but instead they offered me a place in the professional masters in mechanical and aerospace engineering. I had enough funds to cover more than 2 years in the US. documentation was also done properly. my GRE was 295/340 and toefl is 101/120

    My visa interview went is as follows:

    Me: good morning
    VO: good morning, pass me your documents...
    Me: gave the docs
    VO: which city are you travelling to?
    me: chicago
    vo: what course?
    me: masters
    vo: in?
    me: mechanical engineering (as mentioned on my I-20, i didnt say mechanical and aerospace engineering as its always safe to say whatever is written on the I-20)
    vo: which uni?
    me: Illinois Institute of Technology
    vo: y this uni?
    me: the course there aligns with my interests
    vo: which other places did you apply to?
    me: i applied to 6 places.. (told names of 3-4)
    vo: where were you accepted?
    me: FIT and IIT
    vo: there are so many schools in the US..
    me: the professors are doing amazing research which im interested in... there is this professor named deitmar rempfer and he is doing a project in which the fluid dynamics of the human system is studied
    vo: which year did you graduate?
    me: this year 2013
    vo: im sorry I cannot issue you a student visa at this time
    me: i left

    he gave me a sheet which had nothing tick marked as a reason... i think it was section 214 (b) but i really dont know the reason for the denial

    so my question to everyone out there is...

    1. when should I reapply for a visa? what will be the best time to reapply?
    As soon as you can. Pay the visa fee again and book the visa date.
    2. people say that after a denial they ask about what changed in your current application since your initial application..? how do i justify that because all the things will remain the same.
    If you retake the GRE, IELTS or TOEFL test you can mention them. Or if you change the university to a better one you can mention that. you can mentiones any certification you earned, any training you attended.
    3. I really have no intent to stay back in the US because my family is here and they are well settled and im their only son so i have to come back.
    4. how to put through these facts?
    You have to frame according to situation. Prepare a lengthy passage for questions like Why USA?, Why this University etc. Talk fluently to answer well for these Qs. This might change the fate of interview eventhough you don't have any changes from first time.
    5. the university is ready to issue me a letter of support commenting about my academic abilities.
    Take that letter if you can get it early.
    please respond as to what exactly should be done in this scenario and if anyone had a similar experience then please post it too....
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      Never talk about how well the professors are doing in their research because that is a niche and as soon as you start saying that, the VO knows that it is not a genuine answer and you just mugged it up. Find some genuine reasons before you apply next time.
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