• F1 Visa Approved for University of Virginia (UVa) Fall 2017

    Consulate: Hyderabad
    Time: 12.45pm
    Counter No. 14
    Final Destination: University of Virginia (UVa)

    Vo was a lady in late 30's. She rejected four F1 visas before me.
    Me: Good afternoon madam.

    Vo: Good afternoon, (looking at my i20) Wow, you want to be a cavalier, huh? (Athletic teams at UVa are called Virginia Cavaliers )
    Me: (Blankface) Hmm

    Vo: So tell me why University of Virginia?
    Me: Well, I have admits from ASU, NEU and University of Virginia. Out of these three University of Virginia was my first choice. Moreover, it's one among top two public universities in USA. And it has a separate course for systems engineering which I'm interested in whereas in the other two it is basically Industrial engineering. (She kept on typing while I was speaking) And I heard it has a pretty good climate.

    Vo: you heard what?
    Me: I heard it has a pretty good climate.

    Vo: Yeah, it does. Charlottesville is a very beautiful city.
    Me: (While she was typing) And other reason I chose this university over NEU boston is the climate there is pretty cold and I'm not used to it at all.

    Vo: (nodding while typing) what's your GRE score?
    Me: 309

    Vo: (typing) So how are you going to fund your education?
    Me: I have a loan of 20lakhs from SBH and my father is sponsoring mee too. He has a savings of xx lakhs.

    Vo: How did he save that kind of money?
    Me: He is DGM at Dangote Cements and he earns xx lakhs per annum and when I told him about my plans he started saving from then.

    Vo: how much did you say he earns? And how much was the loan? (She was entering the data into the computer)
    Me: *told*

    Vo: What was his designation again? Where does he work? (typing)
    Me: *told* (I even had to spell the company name for her)

    Vo: So, have you been to US before?
    Me: No ma'am this will be my first time.

    Vo: Have you been to anywhere outside India?
    Me: Yes, I have been to my father's place twice. Last time was just a few months back. I thought I would spend some time before I fly to US.

    Vo: Okkaay! I'm excited for you. You are going to Virginia. Congratulations.
    Me: *awestruck* Thank you ma'am.

    Be clear, loud and confident. It works.
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      Fantastic !! Thanks for your help to guide for F1 Visa...
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