• F1 visa approved for University Of Houston

    F1 visa approved on 30th June,2017 for Fall 2017 admission.

    Here is the visa interview experience.

    Time 10 am.
    Kolkata Consulate

    I went to consulate around 9.30 am when I was asked to wait in a queue for 15 mins,then i was moved to another queue for another 10 mins.I got a serial number after showing my DS-160 and passport.

    Then they let me in.They asked me for my i20 and SEVIS fee receipt.Shown them.

    Again waited for another half an hour in the musical chairs,finally was called for interview.

    A lady was there in counter 5.

    Me : good morning mam,how you doing?

    VO: morning doing good.

    Show me your i20 and passport.


    VO: why have you chosen University of houston?

    Me : explained public tier 1 college ,Carnegie affiliated research university,my scholarship blah blah.

    VO: Your Toefl and GRE score please.

    Me : given.

    VO: Why have you chosen ISS (information system security )

    Me :explained.

    VO: Who is taking care of your tuition and living expenses in US.

    Me :explained.

    VO: if you are offered a GC and a Citizenship by your employer once you are employed post graduation which one will you go for.

    Me : I would go for citizenship mam,its a privilege to be an american citizen and since I have 7 + yrs of experience with leading multinationals like CTs and TCS india,I would like to have a work experience in US as well.( contradicted to the myth that we need to say we will be coming back to India I spoke my mind confidently)

    VO:your visa is approved.

    Me : thank you mam.
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      Unregistered -
      My GRE score is 299 verbal 144, quant 156. I don't have any work experience. By the time I will join i will have 2years gap . Do I have any chance of getting admit from University of Houston?
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