• F1 Visa approved for Spring 2015 for University of Texas, Arlington

    My F1 visa approved for Spring 2015 for University of Texas, Arlington at Hyderabad US Consulate.

    Spring 2015 Visa Interview

    Here is my Visa Interview Experience.

    Token No. : E212
    Window No: 16
    VO was a beautiful short haired brunette woman in her early 30's and she rejected two people before me. I was a little nervous but I smiled it out nd approached with confidence.
    ME: Gud morning ma'am
    VO : Goo mornimg (she murmured)
    Hand over your passport nd put your left hand fingers over der
    *I did so...but she asked to do it again*
    VO : sir, your right hand please
    *i did it but she asked me to do dat again fr 2 more times..she was animating her hand to show me how to do it*
    ME : Sorry Ma'am
    VO : *big sigh* why r u gng to US?
    ME : to study MS in Mechanical Engineering
    VO : how many universities have you applied? How many admits did you get? Name all the universities.
    ME : University of Akron, Cleveland State University,Wayne state nd univ of texas and arlington. I got admits in UTa nd WSU
    VO: whats your GRE score?
    ME : 296
    VO : *gave a wide eyed expression with smile* okey
    VO : specialisation?
    ME : Machine Design
    VO : What courses have you registered for first sem
    *I said the related subjects to my course*
    VO: Who is going to fund ur fees for graduation?
    ME : my father is going to pay the expenses and I took a bank loan for grad fees
    VO : whts your father?
    ME : Professor in XXXX in XX dept
    VO :Congrats..your visa is approved
    ME : *with a big smile* Thank you ma'am

    --Deepak Polaki
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