• F1 Visa Approved for Spring 2013 | F1 Visa Interview Experience

    I got my F1 visa approved yesterday at Chennai Consulate to Oklahoma State University for Spring 2013. Here goes my F1 visa Interview experience. My F1 Visa Interview completed in 5 minutes.

    Spring 2013 F1 Visa Interview Experience

    Here is my Profile
    University: OSU, Stillwater
    Program: PhD in Management Information Systems
    GRE: 315
    TOEFL: 102
    Academics: 79% (JNTU)
    Undergraduate Major: B.tech in Computer Science

    Consulate Location: Chennai
    Visa Classification: F1 Visa
    OFC Fingerprint Date and Time (IST): 4th October 2012 3:00PM
    Consulate Interview Date and Time (IST): 5th October 2012 7:30 AM
    Scheduled the interview on (Date, Time, TimeZone): 9/26/2012 10 PM EST

    My Visa interview Experience..

    Me: Good morning mam
    VO: Good morning, plz pass me your documents.
    Me: Passed documents and waited for the VO's que
    VO: Whats ur UG score?
    Me: mam I scored 79% in my UG with first class in each semester and aggrgt distinction.
    VO: Can I see ur UG markshhets?
    Me: Yes sure mam. Passed my marksheets and was happy to see good response from VO
    VO: plz pass me ur TOEFL and GRE scores
    Me: Sure mam, Passed my score cards
    VO: looking at my TOEFL score raised her eyebrows aftr seeing 102 on my TOEFL score..and thn lookd at my GRE scores and put thm aside
    Me: waiting for a question from Visa officer.....
    VO: Who is sponsoring ur education?
    Me: Mam My brother , my father and me myself
    VO: What do ur father do?
    Me: My father is principal in Secodary school and my brother is Head of custoemer care and machine services department in a private company(VO didnt ask about income) and I didn't say about loan also..
    VO: Why PhD??
    Me: PhD is my dream and I have keen interest in robotics and I am getting exactly same degree also, I would like to gain knowledge and after coming back to India i would like to apply it for development in rural India.
    VO: Typing something for 1 min or so..
    VO: I am approving your visa and u wl get ur passport in 7 days..
    Me: Thanks mam,thanks...

    Left from the Consulate..happyyyyyyyyyyyy
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    1. kesavasree's Avatar
      kesavasree -
      Congrats on getting your visa approved..

      by the way how much funds should we normally show to get the visa interview smoothly ?

      I am from HYD but people advised not to opt for visa interview at HYD consulate, if i scheduled meeting in Chennai will they ask for reasons?

      Thanks in advance..
      Kesava Sreeram T
    1. aditya.b's Avatar
      aditya.b -
    1. Srinikhil's Avatar
      Srinikhil -
      Dude, me too got admitted to OSU for Spring'13, which other Univ's did u get?
    1. asha.g's Avatar
      asha.g -
      Quote Originally Posted by Srinikhil View Post
      Dude, me too got admitted to OSU for Spring'13, which other Univ's did u get?
      is thr a possiblity of getting OSU for 295 score?
    1. nikhilrana's Avatar
      nikhilrana -
      if you have more than 1 backlog in 1 semester, can treat it as one because the only way the visa officer will able to find out is by looking at my marksheets date of issue and it tell him nothing about the number of backlogs i had!!
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