• F1 Visa approved - Nov 18th 2011 - University of Toledo

    Visa interview on Nov 10 8:15
    applied for :University of Toledo
    status : visa issued

    me: very gug mrng sir,
    vo:gud mrng.. was smiling.
    me:how u doin?
    vo: great..
    vo: what is ur acads
    me:71.33% (he gave a gud expression)
    vo:have any backlogs:
    me: yes sir i have two
    vo: grea
    me: 1040
    vo: toefl
    me: 93
    vo: asked me to pass the documents..
    me: sure sir.
    vo : what is ur dad?
    me: well explained.(he is the general manager of german based MNC)
    vo: income?
    me: explained
    vo: how many admits?
    me: told
    vo: why toledo?
    me: was about to explain he wasnt interested .. interrupted and told that i will be getting my visa in a week

    was just confident nd had a smile on my face all the way throught the interview..

    thankx to this group it has helped me a lott...
    all the best for u all
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