• F1 visa approved with 8 years of work experience

    My Visa approved for SiliconVally University.

    Date 24th nov
    Time 9:00 AM
    Status: approved
    Counsulate: Chennai
    Counter Number: 22 ( Old lady with nice smile and beautiful )
    University : silicon valley university
    Engineering pass out: 2006
    Work Experience : 8 years

    F1 visa with 8 years of work experience

    Me:- Good morning maam
    VO:- Good morning passport please
    VO:- when did you pass out ?
    ME:- 2006
    Vo:- what did you do after that?
    ME:- Working from past 8 years in multiple companies. Right now i am working for ABC company
    VO:- What is your role?
    Me:- Network Engineer
    Vo:- Why now ?
    Me:- I have realized that having a master degree is plus point and also this is my correct age for higher studies.
    Vo:- Please give me your I-20?
    Me:- here it is maam
    Vo:- why silicon valley university?
    Me:- the course is related to my work experience and also they implement cloud computing concept in there campus.Cloud computing is the future of network world. intrep..
    Vo:- In which manner it is related?
    Me:- told about the subjected which are related to my work exp.. and interrupted
    Vo:- how many univ.. have you applied and how many admit.
    Me:- told 3 univ..
    Vo:- this university is very small
    Me:- yes maam , but they have implemented the latest techno.. like cloud computing in there campus network
    Vo:- How do you know about this university?
    Me:- My frd have completed masters in this university and also via social network i got know about that and more over i communicated with prof.. said there names
    VO:- who will sponsor ur education?
    Me:- myself and father
    Vo:- what your father do?
    Me:- retired scientist and now taking care of super market.
    Vo:- ok ur visa has been approved.
    Me:- thanks maam. have nice day.
    Vo:- you too.
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