• F1 Visa approved in 1 minute at Mumbai

    F1 Visa approved in 1 minute at Mumbai for Information System Department of California State University.
    Academics: 58 %
    MS in Information System
    California State University, Los Angeles.
    US-consulate Mumbai- 10.00 am Slot

    Hello Guys,
    I got visa approved for fall 2014. No single document checked other than I-20 and Passport.It was just really about being confident and Positive vibes which you throw.

    I reached Mumbai US consulate at 9.30 am. It was heavily showering.Waited till 9.45 am in long Q outside the consulate then allowed to enter inside. After taking fingerprints again had to wait in Q. Then I was directed to stand in front of a counter where a lady of 40-45 years was taking a interview for F1 and finally rejected him because he was not able to understand the american accent. Then She gestured me to come near counter.This is how it went....

    VO : Good Morning, Pass me your Passport and I-20 please.
    ME: (Given)
    VO: Which Course you are going for?
    ME: I am going to pursue Masters In Information System.
    VO: OK. Why have you chosen this University ?
    ME: Information System Department of California State University, LA is one of the best departments in the Industry. Based on my research professors are doing great research in their research field. Prof. JongWook Woo....(She Interrupted and asked).
    VO: which specialization you are looking for?
    ME: SAP is my area of specialization.This university has alliance with SAP where I will be getting a certification from SAP which will help me in my career. (She nodded her head the way which meant she is impressed and agreed)
    VO: Who is going to pay your tuition fees?
    ME: My father is will pay my tuition fees.
    VO: What does he do?
    ME: He is a General Manager at a Bank.
    ME: Thank you so much ma'm. You made my day!!!!.

    Your Confidence level matters allot. Be confident and bold enough. Americans like that. Best of luck !!
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      Congrats !!
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