• F1 Visa to Greencard - Applying to Greencard on F1 Visa or OPT

    Information on topics like – Applying for Greencard while studying in USA on F1 Visa or on OPT period. F1 to Greencard Transition. Steps to apply for Greencard being a F1 Visa holder or working in Optional Practical Training. When masters or PhD students in USA should apply for Greencard?

    F1 to Greencard: Applying to GC on F1 Visa or OPT

    Can i apply to greencard while i am studying in USA (F1 Visa)?First and foremost thing about greencard is – GC is for future employment and not for current employment. Employer needs you in the future to work for him and applying for permanent residence in USA.

    You are allowed/eligible for Green card, if you can find a sponsoring employer. Either the F1 Visa status or OPT duration is not an obstacle to GC process. Masters Students are eligible for EB2 category of greecard and High skilled PhD students with excellent research papers are eligible to apply in EB1 category. Currently, EB1 category is current and one will get greencard immediately after applying. Initially you will be given EAD work permit and then Greencard. There is no transition phase from F1 to Greencard, because both independent processes.

    You can start working for an employer before getting greecard by applying to CPT or OPT if you are a current student in the university, by applying to H1B visa if you are a OPT student.

    Eligibility to get Greencard >>>

    F1 to Greencard Employers

    List of some employers hiring Students in F1 visa and sponsoring Greencard
    1. Microsoft
    2. IBM
    3. Texas Instruments
    4. Oracle
    5. Google

    Greencard Steps

    There are three step in greencard processing.
    How long does it take to get Greencard for Masters and PhD students in USA? >>
    1) Labour application
    2) I-140
    3) I-485
    Your Employer and his lawyer will take care of everything for you. You just need to submit your academic certificates, job experience letters and other documentation they need.
    Greencards will be issued based on the priority date which is the date when your labor application filed. Therefore request your employer to sponsor green card immediately after joining job. Don’t wait till H1B to apply for GC. Do it on OPT if possible.
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      NIW GREEN CARD- The national interest waiver applicant sponsors him or herself and is not required to have a job.

      EB-1 Priority workers. There are three sub-groups: 1. Foreign nationals with extraordinary ability in sciences, arts, education, business, or athletics OR 2. Foreign nationals that are outstanding professors or researchers with at least three years' experience in teaching or research and who are recognized internationally. OR 3. Foreign nationals that are managers and executives subject to international transfer to the United States.
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