• F1 and F2 Visa(Student Dependent) experience

    When I was preparing for F1 visa interview, I did not get much blogs or posts for F1 and F2 visa interview together. Sorry for the long due..here is our interview experience below:

    Although we both got the admission..We went with the decision that my husband will finish his studies first to ensure we are not over burdened financially..

    Profile of my husband:
    Program: MPH Epidemiology
    Education: B-Tech Bioinformatics
    Experience: 8 years
    GRE Score: 305
    Toefl: 80 [Due to project deliverables could not study for exam so scored low. He was very tensed for this because this was the only weak point in the profile]
    Applied in 4 universities: University of Arkansas Medical School, Uni of Nebraskas School of Public Health, University of South Florida, UNTHSC.
    Admission acceptance: All 4.
    Finalized: UNTHSC
    Session: Applied for Spring 2015 but deferred to Fall 2015.

    F1 and F2 Student Dependent visa experience

    Before Interview:
    Send confirmation to University of acceptance/decline/defer.
    Get loan approvals.
    Submit the SEVIS fees...SAVE the SEVIS recipt!! It is required for Visa Interview
    120 days before start of program you can give visa interview..For that take finger print and visa interview dates(two seperate dates of each task) and pay the visa interview amount. You can do it with Axis Bank or pay online as well. PLEASE SAVE ALL THE PAYMENT SLIPS again required during visa interview.

    For Interview:
    Important documents:
    I-20, payment slips, visa interview appointment confirmation.
    Ensure you have all "VALID" financial documents-provisional loan sanction letter, living expense proofs,ITRs,pay slips.
    Exam score cards, Marriage registration proofs. Please review other posts carefully if I may have missed anything.

    Interview prepartion:
    Practice..Practice...Practice..I have gone through hundreds of interview experience and taken many interviews of my husband for atleast 2 weeks or more. Luckily we did not have much flaws in our profile except the Toefl score and me leaving the stable job to go with him. Be positive..If your profile is good and you are confident about it you will get through it..VOs are trained to catch lie so never lie or manipulate facts and documents..Don't spoil you career before it begins!!

    Interview date First week of May 2015.
    Slot: 11:00 am
    It is important to sleep well before the big day..so take time slot when you think that you will be in your best performance..

    Finger printing was done 2 days earlier so got to know where the center is..

    On Visa Interview date:
    We reached Hyderabad Center by 10:45 ensure that you eat well and hydrate yourself.
    There will be que near the main gate..Only take files and documents..Keep appointment letter, Sevis fee, I-20, visa payment recipt and passport on top you will require to show that in many places. Keep your wife's documents seperate from yours.
    Don't take extra stuff you don't have space to keep or No parking nearby.
    We entered the counsulate.. inside you will be playing musical chairs..shifting from one row to other..
    Next was called for security check.. asked to remove watches, wallets, belts for security checks.
    Was patient, calm and positive mood at all the time.
    H1b and F1 visa applicants are made to sits seperately..
    Waited in musical chair que again..Finger print was verified and token was granted..
    Tell them upfront that you and your wife are together to get same token..
    We got Token number 14 [Ya, The terror of number 14 guy!! I had read about him a lot and I was like..Oh no..But could not tell my husband else he would get demotivated]
    Just praying at this moment.. Hey Bhagvan bas interview paar karade..
    We went inside.. a person saw the token..we told we are together..so he made us stand behind a yellow line..already 5 people standing infront of us and one on the interview window..All the other window are nearby..you can hear what is going on around..Anyways..

    There was one lady of Visiting visa(Approved), two for F1(Rejected) and 2 H1B's(Approved)

    We could hear all the interviews.
    F1 guys were grilled royally..One was going to study Psycology and he did not know Sigmund Freud..VO was completely annoyed.
    Second F1 guy was grilled for fake experience document..VO kept his document for investigation..
    Two H1B guys interviews were good he approved the visa..more of salary..position and clients etc..
    The VO observes people standing behind so be confident..

    Then came our turn..
    With confidence and geniune smile..
    My husband: Good Morning Sir, How are you..
    VO: No response----Don't get demotivated here!
    VO: Asks which visa?
    Hubby: F1 for me and F2 for my wife sir.
    VO: Goes through the profile for quite a long time..almost 15-20 seconds...scrolls up and down..up and down... asks What is your DOB sir?
    Hubby: said
    VO: long silence..[My heart pounding I can feel it in my mouth :-(] then again asks what is your DOB sir..
    Hubby: said
    VO: Which company do you work maam:
    Me: Said..
    VO: looks to me and asks are you going to leave your current job.
    Me: Yes Sir.
    VO: How many univerisites you applied?
    Hubby: Said
    VO: Have you every traveled outside India?
    Hubby: Yes, I visited XYZ company
    VO: Purpose?
    Hubby: Business
    VO to me: When did you get married Maam?
    Me: 2 and half years back..
    VO: How are you going to manager your finances?
    Hubby: Have my own saving..plus family supporting..plus bank loan.
    VO: In which feild are you doing Masters?
    Hubby: Masters in Public Health Epidemilogy
    VO: What is Epidemilogy?
    Hubby: It is field to study different factors responsible for diseases etc etc going on and on with confidence. Not stopping at all [lol]
    VO: Picking the passport says hold on a moment..
    Hubby: stops
    VO: Golden words...I am keeping you passport..Good luck to you!
    Hubby and me: Thank you very much sir!

    It was happiest day of our life..It was my in laws anniversary..best gift we could ever give them..

    After all the number 14 VO is not a terror..God bless him for his great sense of judgement!

    Plan every step carefully
    Be confident..It is a game changer!
    Know why, how and what you applied for
    Be honest and don't fake any documents.

    Thank you msinus website to give such a insight and helpful tips..

    Good luck to all!!
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    1. Unregistered's Avatar
      Unregistered -
      Can I give f2 visa interviews in Hindi language for USA?
    1. Unregistered's Avatar
      Unregistered -
      Can I give f2 visa interview in Hindi language for USA?
    1. Asadullah's Avatar
      Asadullah -
      Hi im Asadullah Can I give f2 visa interview in Hindi language for USA
    1. Ishwar patel's Avatar
      Ishwar patel -
      I have 2 questions
      1)I am applying for F 1 visa ,i have I 20, my quetion is my aunt { mother sister} have been kept immigration file in behalf of my mother ,my name is included in them ,if my F1 visa is granted then is any adverse effect at timr of isdue of
      my immgration visa
    1. Unregistered's Avatar
      Unregistered -
      I was attend for f2 visa interview but i was rejected again i am planning to go for interview bec my wife is pregnant i had her medical certificate and doctor reference letter alsonow fourth month running now after this month she will get fifth month... but they are asking who paid the fee for education i said before marriage her parents paid now i paid for this semester fee after that they are rejected... This time she used her friend parents credit card for fee paying before she leaving india i deposited in her Thomas cook account she gave to them after use that credit card.. Can u help on this please.. And they will know the fee details of the students
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