• ETS Cancelling TOEFL scores of Fradulent test Centers

    FLASH NEWS: ETS Cancelled scores of many students who took test from some fraudulent test centers in India. We got information from few students who took TOEFL test in one of the test centers at Hyderabad.

    How to check whether my score in cancelled or not?

    Log into your TOEFL ibt account and check
    What can be the affect if i am already in USA?

    You may need to take the TOEFL test again in your nearest center. In some cases you may need to take additional English course at universities.
    How will it affect my F1 non-immigrant visa status?

    It may not put you in trouble with your visa status.
    I have applied to OPT, will it stop me from getting OPT?

    This involves lot of scenarios including your school's TOEFL requirements. Talk to the university officials directly about your case.
    I got admission from universities and planning to attend visa interview. What do i need to do now?

    Take TOEFL test immediately and submit new scores to visa officer.
    PRECAUTION: Choose a right test center to take GRE / TOEFL tests. Prometric centers are branded ones and less risk involves with them..
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    1. krishna99's Avatar
      krishna99 -
      is test center WARANGAL a genuine one...?
      please help me choose the test center and exam.?

      what will the delay that can be accepted by universities for submitting language scores.

      i have completed my GRE on 12th november .
      my profile
      GRE 303
      verbal 148
      quant 155
      B.TECH 71.4%.

      i am unable to decide whether to take toefl or ielts
      please help me.
    1. Naveed.Md's Avatar
      Naveed.Md -
      I am planning to take IELTS for admission in university. is it necessary i have to go for GRE also and which is easy, i am unable to decide whether to take IELTS or GRE
      please help me.
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