• Engineering Management degree job Prospectus, Salary

    I am applying for MS in Engineering Management (MEM). Can u please tell n guide if its a good course to pursue? How are the job prospects for no prior work - exp recent graduates? What kind of roles people get after completing the course?

    Also I am planning to apply to-
    University of Texas at Arlington
    Syracuse University
    Southern Methodist University
    University of North Carolina at Charlotte
    University of South Florida

    Are these universities worth enough to pursue this course so to have good job prospects thereafter?

    MS in Engineering Management job prospectus

    Engineering Management degree will have courses from Engineering and Management and it usually includes Project management too. Know about MS in Engineering Management and universities offering it here: http://www.msinus.com/content/univer...ement-usa-352/

    Graduate of Engineering Management will fit into following job title

    1) Business Analyst
    2) Product Manager
    3) Operations Engineer
    4) Supply Chain Engineer.

    Coming to prospectus for Engineering Management degree, i can say it's a little tough to find a job until and unless you are from top university. Most of graduates will again join into Engineering jobs, based on their background - A Mechanical engineer who did Engineering Management degree without any previous experience with land into a Mechanical engineering job but the degree will help him/her to move into Management Positions easily. This degree is very helpful for people with work experience to get into Manager level position.

    After MS in US Engineering management salaries will be ranging between 70k - 150k.

    Among the universities you mentioned Syracuse needs GRE score of 310+ and 305+ Score will improve admission into UNCC. It's easy to get admisison into other schools with GRE score of 300.
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