• Electrical Engineering University Rankings

    US University rankings for Master of Science in Electrical Engineering(MS in EE) and PhD program. Listed are the the top Schools in electrical engineering,electronics field in USA. MS in Electrical engineering is the most sought major in US universities for ECE, EEE, EIE students.

    Electrical Engineering university rankings for USA Universities

    These rankings are applicable to MS in EE and PhD in EE. These universities offering variety of spcializations like Signal engineering, Embedded systems, VLSI, Image processing etc.

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    1. bhanu206's Avatar
      bhanu206 -
      can u please send me the information about the universities accepting admissions in this spring for electrical
    1. Deepak K's Avatar
      Deepak K -
      I Think the above Table has Linking Errors & is Substandard!
      (When i click University of Michigan, Michigan State university is shown - But both are different!!!)
      & Where is the reference?? (how can once assume that it is liable??)
    1. rohini's Avatar
      rohini -
      hai can u please say me the universities that are good to ms in electrical and in texas states . My profile is
      academics -75%
    1. tanmaywiz's Avatar
      tanmaywiz -
      this is my profile which univ can i apply???
    1. coolgal's Avatar
      coolgal -
      How is University of Ohio - Athens I have got RA and admit and i have to choose between Ohio and Arizona
    1. abhinav12's Avatar
      abhinav12 -
      please suggest me some univ in Electrical engineering with following scores GRE-298, agrregate -75%, toefl yet to take expecting 80-90
    1. vasundhara's Avatar
      vasundhara -
      i would like 2 apply for the universities ...on this fall ....could u suggest me universities? my gre score-282, tofel-87, b.tech(ece)-68% ........
    1. Sai Varun's Avatar
      Sai Varun -
      Is University of New Haven a preferable one for Electrical Engineering?
      my gre score-293, ielts-6.5, b.tech(ece)-72%
    1. pvivek's Avatar
      pvivek -
      Quote Originally Posted by bhanu206 View Post
      can u please send me the information about the universities accepting admissions in this spring for electrical
      thank u
    1. likith's Avatar
      likith -
      hi,can u please suggest me some universities in electrical engineering for this score:
    1. sivareddy's Avatar
      sivareddy -
      i would like to apply for the universities .....coming spring(2014)
      please suggest some universities

      my gre score-310

    1. mani169's Avatar
      mani169 -
      i would like to apply for the universities .....coming fall(2014)
      please suggest some universities

      my gre score-286
      ielts-expecting 6
      ug percentage-69.15
    1. mani169's Avatar
      mani169 -
      for ee
    1. bhGy's Avatar
      bhGy -
      Gre 292 ielts 6.5 academics 85% will I get admit for electrical in Texas Arlington?
    1. pooji464's Avatar
      pooji464 -
      hi this is poojith... iam intrested for masters in electrical and electronic engineering,
      btech (ece) cgpa-62.2%
      ielts -6.5
      gre -289
      so could u pls suggest me some universities where ican appy masters
    1. a2441918's Avatar
      a2441918 -
      How is University of Notre Dame for Electrical Engineering?
    1. Unregistered's Avatar
      Unregistered -
      can send me the University of Buffalo EE ranking..
    1. ananthoju.dixit's Avatar
      ananthoju.dixit -
      Hi, this is dixit here.

      I need the list of universities which provide MS in PLC, SCADA and DCS automation in US. Anybody please help me out.

      Thanks in advance.
    1. ananthoju.dixit's Avatar
      ananthoju.dixit -
      I found out that there are no universities offering Instrumentation stream except Idaho state university (ISU), if I'm not wrong.

      So can you people give me the guidance so as to opt for which stream in US, provided my profile consists of Automation using Programmable Logic Controllers (PLCs), DCS (Distributed Control Systems) and SCADA (Supervisory Control And Data Acquisition).

      My profile:

      2 years work exp. in Power generation plant, PLC and SCADA systems commissioning support from client side.


      (10+2)th standard agg. of 95%

      10th standard agg. of 71%

      GRE n TOEFL : about to write

      Thanks a ton in advance.
    1. Unregistered's Avatar
      Unregistered -
      Dear sir/mam , Please help me to short list universities in US. My score details are as under : GRE - 296(V 142, Q 154) TOEFL - expecting above 90, B.E. ECE from pda college of engg.(vtu belgaum)gpa-8.95/10 12th - 78 % 10 Standard - 78 % I want to do MS in vlsi. Please assist me to short list good universities with this score. If you want me to send my resume , let me know. Thanks
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