• E-Verify Employers Search Tool

    About E-Verify Employers Search Tool. How to find an employer is E-verified or not? Instructions to OPT Students for finding E-verified employer for OPT Extension.

    E-Verify Employers Search Tool

    'E-Verify Employers Search Tool' is a new tool to check whether US employer is E-verified or not.

    You can search for E-Verifies employers based on

    1) Employer name
    2) Employer Registered City
    3) Zip code of company location.
    4) City

    You can find this tool on USCIS website: http://www.uscis.gov/portal/site/usc...00082ca60aRCRD

    This tool can list employers in any state, city you specified. If the employer's name you are looking is available on USCIS database, you can trust the employer as E-verified.

    OPT Extension and E-Verify search tool

    E-verify search tool is extemely useful for OPT students for applying OPT Extension. To get OPT extension (Extension beyond 12 months) employer must be E-verified. So, you can veryfiy an employer e-verified or not by using this tool.
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