• Devyani Khobragade arrest and the diplomatic war between India and US

    Student and work Visas to become tougher after Devayaniís row? Some of you are worried about F1 and H1B Visa changes after arrest of Deputy Consul Genrate Devyani Khobragade. I would like to touch base with you on this issue.

    Indian Consul General Devayani's arrest in New York

    Deputy consul-general Devyani Khobragade, 39, was arrested on Dec. 12 on changes of underpaying maid Sangeea Richard. US govt saying she paid $3 /hr whereas the original minimum wage is $9. Also Sageetha signed two different agreements with two different wages.

    Diplomatic war between India and US

    India Govt is claiming that the case filed on Devayani is illegal since there are different laws to prosecute a Diplomat level employee and US ignored the immunity in dealing with a India Consul-General.
    India reacted to Devayaniís attest as it was never before against US actions. India is tough in itís stand and demanding to close the case filed on Devayani. It removed the security provided to US embassies in India ans asked to submit the identities of all US Consulate officers.

    Uttam Khobragade, a formar IAS offier of 1984 batch and father of Devayani Khobragade claims that Devayani hcas not ommitted any visa fraud.

    Student Visa chances after Incident

    It appears that there is no affect on Student/work visas after this incident. No one reported any issues of mass visa rejections due to this incident. But, obviously diplomatic relations spoiled between india and USA. India is trying to to save Devayani with the help of other nations and UNO and US is stubborn on Devayani's case.
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    1. chetan5666's Avatar
      chetan5666 -
      It's usual for corrupt Indian bureaucrats to cry against the system when they are caught.
      If this person has committed a crime, she must be punished.
      Her father Mr. Uttam khobragade was also involved in many scams in Mumbai.
      India is promoting wrong politics in US too.
      All visa applicants are going to suffer by this corrupt and degraded Indian politics.
    1. varmaarc's Avatar
      varmaarc -
      The information asked from the US Embassy about their workers in India and how much are they paid is not forthcoming. They abuse all the Indian Laws including traffic violations, which they cant even think in their own country.
      A tough stand in this case is needed to protect our honour. Are they paying the same wages Indians, what they give to the fellow Americans in software industry? I doubt!
    1. sr_nagaraj's Avatar
      sr_nagaraj -
      Can any one throw light on Universities in Canada. How is it in comparison with US one's.
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