• Deferring admission and travelling on F1 visa approved for previous semester

    You got US F1 visa for a semester, but you don't want to join school for the semester you got visa approved due to unforeseen need. Is it possible to attend for next semester with same visa?

    Travelling on F1 Visa approved for previous semester

    I have an admission from University of Houston clear lake. Also, hold visa on the same. The issue is if I can travel with the same visa which has issued date as
    21-12-2015 for the fall'16 with defer option.I have not yet asked the university to defer the admission to fall because I have already asked them to defer it for summer. Due to unforeseen and unfortunate issues I cannot go now. Hope the university will be ready to send me the I20 once again since it being the same annual year.

    You can use the same visa for the next semester with the new approved I-20 from the school and if it is with same SEVIS number.

    Before travelling to USA, you need to apply for new form I-20 with DSO and you should present it to immigration officer at port of entry.

    There is something called 5 month rule - If the student is outside of USA for 5 consecutive months, F1 visa becomes invalid. This rule is for students who have entered USA on F1 Visa and traveled out side USA, haven't returned within 5 months.
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      I think we have to appear for visa interview if we are planning to go USA In the next semester.
      Ajay:Please can you please double check on that? I mean we have to get new i20 and appear again for visa interview for the new semester.
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