• Cost of MS in US - How much it cost to do MS in US - Tuition, Fee, Living Expenses details.

    Total Cost of MS in US: How much would it cost to do MS, Phd, MBA in USA? General questions from a beginner who want to study in USA are – How much do I need to spend to study Masters in USA? What is the living cost in USA for doing MS or Phd? This article will explain the expenditure for education in US Universities.

    We can separate in MS in US cost into two parts. 1) Cost of Tuition and Fee 2) Living Expenses/Room and Board

    Cost of MS in US (Masters in USA)

    Tuition/Fee Cost for Masters in USA

    First let me start with the way how American Universities will charge the student for the education. School’s tuition depends on the number of credit hours you enroll in a semester. Usually, one course is considered as 3 credit hours (In most of the univs). For example if you attend 3 courses in one semester, it is equivalent to 9 credit hours. Thus you have to pay tuition for the 9 credit hours in the first semester.

    Low tuition schools will charge you less than $ 6000 per 9 credit hours or per semester.
    Average Tuition school means 6000 to 7500 per 9 credit hours or per semester
    High tuition schools will charge you above 7500 per 9 credit hours or per semester

    Most of the Schools ask you to take 12 courses to complete the masters degree which means 12*3 = 36 credit
    hours. Number of credit hours varies from university to university.

    Students have to select well ranked and low tuition / fee schools with Assistantships or Fee waivers.

    Living Expenses Cost:

    You can live in the University apartments (on-campus housing) or outside the university. Indian students
    generally live 4 or 5 people in a double bedroom apartment. If you are living outside the university,
    apartment rents will be lower. But always university apartments are safer than the outside apartments.

    If you are living in a village living cost (including rent + electricity + food) may go up to $350 per month.
    If it is a mid-level town/city it will go up to $600 per person when you are in sharing.

    Cost of PhD in USA

    Generally speaking most of the PhD students will get full funding in the first semester itself though Research Assistantships and Teaching Assistance. Very rarely PhD students will not be offered funding with i20. Though they have better chances of getting scholarships or some sort of funding in the University. MS in US is expensive than MS in PhD. Masters student have less chances to get funding when compared to PhD students.

    States with Higher Living Cost and High Tuition Cost

    New York
    New Jersey

    How to Cover Costs While you are doing MS in US?

    You are allowed to work for 20 hrs a week while you are a student. Usually pay for student worker ranges from 6 - 12 $/hr. If may also try to Fee waivers. TAs, RAs, GAs will cover some part of fee and you will be paid monthly. Whether you have any assistant or not, your on campus job will cover your living expenses in USA during your masters study.
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    1. somesharun's Avatar
      somesharun -
      Good to know the statistics provided by you.
    1. samanth.b8's Avatar
      samanth.b8 -
      Is that Village living cost is Provided by Campus or Outside the City..??
      And In Village living cost is $350 For each Person or the Each Apartment..??
      And ur telling that University apartment is Safe., How many person's Can stay in Each Apartment..??
    1. uday.usa7's Avatar
      uday.usa7 -
      Thanks ..
    1. GOWTI's Avatar
      GOWTI -
      exactly fantastic becoz really very happy to see everything about MS at one home
    1. tatineni's Avatar
      tatineni -

      can u send me the names of universities where tutuion fee is low......
      and where the cost of living is low........
      where can i get fundings to max extent.....send to my mailing adress
    1. p.pravati's Avatar
      p.pravati -

      My GRE SCORE is 310/340.My CGPA is 9.8.I want to do MS in Computer Science and Engineering in Fall session 2013.Pl suggest me which university is best for me .
    1. sanj's Avatar
      sanj -
      hii ,
      M doing btech in computer science..
      need to kw more about gre exam n mre abt cost of MS
    1. praveenck's Avatar
      praveenck -
      Thanks for the great info
    1. Anishagupt's Avatar
      Anishagupt -
      I am writing GRE on 29th Oct 2012 and planning to write TOEFL in December 2012. I am planning for MS in Computer Science 2013 Falls. I hope I am not late in writing these exams . That would great if you provide a list of all the colleges' deadlines.
      About me:
      I have done Engineering in IT with 72%
    1. gvanimurth's Avatar
      gvanimurth -

      Its joyful to see every detail in one place...i am planning for august 2013 intake (falls)...giving my gre on 26th dec..and toefl on 12th jan...i have written a mock in princeton review without ny preparation and i could score 292. my 10th is 85.5...+12 is 94.5... BE in ECE - 70.7...Can you please suggest me a good college with low tution fee which matches my profile...also i need scholarships and a internships to help me with my tution fee. Finance is a very big constraint for me...i have to depend on loans, scholarships, and earning there. can you please help me in this regard. Also i dint understand what are TAs, RAs, GAs. can you please help me educating about this.

      Thanks in advance
    1. fabedi0's Avatar
      fabedi0 -
      Does anyone know about the living and attendance cost of University of Massachusetts Amherst? they have an estimation of 42,000 per year in their website but it is usually more than what any of the students pay!
    1. gvanimurth's Avatar
      gvanimurth -
      i heard that the fee depends on the credits we are choosing..each credit may vary from 0-800$s...every uni will want us to chose 13-15 credits.
    1. Sushma1234's Avatar
      Sushma1234 -
      Does everyone get jobs on campus??
    1. hemanthk88's Avatar
      hemanthk88 -
      hai i have got acceptance from univ but the issue is with my last name which is different in passport and GRE (I meant I haven't expanded my initials in GRE) ...will this affect my VISA?
    1. bhanu6987's Avatar
      bhanu6987 -
      exactly fantastic becoz really very happy to see everything about MS at one place
    1. puneeth.a's Avatar
      puneeth.a -
      i want to know about the top colleges for mechanical stream and their tution fee.....
    1. usha shree's Avatar
      usha shree -
      am in a plan to do my ms in us...what will be cost for it and which is the best government university?? what are the qualifications???
    1. kirandeepd's Avatar
      kirandeepd -
      Quote Originally Posted by usha shree View Post
      am in a plan to do my ms in us...what will be cost for it and which is the best government university?? what are the qualifications???
      Hi, In California - sanjose there is International Technological University. Let me know if you need more details kirandeep24003@gmail.com
    1. aishwaryas's Avatar
      aishwaryas -
      is it sure that we will be given or getting a part time job in US while studying (in campus or off-campus)????
    1. navaneetha's Avatar
      navaneetha -
      hi ... i hav completed my msc n i want to study ms in USA n i want to to know low tution fee n low cost of living ...
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