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    I am pleased to recommend Mr. xxxxxxxxx for the M.S. program in your University. I have known Mr. Raghavendra Rao for the last three years. He is one of the most promising students I have come across. I have found him to be an intelligent and enthusiastic learner. He is very quick at grasping concepts which others fail to concieve.

    Having taught him Chemistry, Physical Chemistry, Organic Chemistry and Inorganic Chemistry. I am fully convinced about his knowledge in the above mentioned subjects. In his class of 60 students I rate him among the top 8%, but on the basis of his potential in the above mentioned subjects I would rather rank him higher in the class.

    He has always been a hard worker and I am impressed with his quick perception and reproduction of concepts. His application is praiseworthy. His maturity, competence and ability to work diligently indicate that he can perform well even in a highly competitive atmosphere. He has also presented excellent and informative seminars on “Alkaliods and Terpenoids”. I personally have a strong feeling that Mr. Ajay is a deserving personality for M.S. program at your University along with a financial assistance.

    I wish him success in his academic pursuits.
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    1. indrasenag's Avatar
      indrasenag -
      thanks for this post... mr.Ajay
    1. kqgyudud's Avatar
      kqgyudud -
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      Varshan -
      thanks 4 the post
    1. R Bee's Avatar
      R Bee -
      Good one
    1. GMGRE's Avatar
      GMGRE -
      My LOR from my professor contains an error. that instead of her he has mistyped "him" in the last paragraph.
      Can it be corrected with a pen :-( Please advice as my deadlines for FALL 2014 are getting closer.
    1. mani0920's Avatar
      mani0920 -
      Is it ok to get LOR from Associate and/or Assistant Professors. Please respond. Thanks in advance.
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