• MS, PhD in Computer Science University Rankings

    MS in CS is a favorite major for most of the students applying to US Colleges. Listed are the Top Universities for Computer Science field in USA for Spring and Fall of 2019 and 2020.

    US University rankings 2017 for Master of Science in Computer Science Major (MS in CS) and PhD

    MIT, Stanford, Berkeley, CMU, Cornell, Princeton, Harvard will come under top-tier Computer Science Graduate schools in the world.

    Following university rankings are based on university reputation, research and faculty in Computer Science department. Top 10 universities require GRE score of 325+ for computer science program.

    2 Stanford University STANFORD
    3 University Of California-Berkeley BERKELEY
    4 Carnegie Mellon University PITTSBURGH
    5 Cornell University ITHACA
    6 Princeton University PRINCETON
    7 California Institute Technology PASADENA
    8 University Of Texas At Austin AUSTIN
    9 Harvard University CAMBRIDGE
    10 Univ Of Illinois At Urbana,Champaign URBANA
    11 University Of Wisconsin-Madison MADISON
    12 Univ Of California,Los Angeles Los Angeles
    13 Yale University New Haven
    14 University Of Maryland College Park College Park
    15 Brown University PROVIDENCE
    16 University Of Washington SEATTLE
    17 Univ Of Massachusetts At Amherst AMHERST
    18 Rice University HOUSTON
    19 University Of Southern California Los Angeles
    20 University Of Michigan Ann Arbor
    21 University Of Chicago CHICAGO
    22 Georgia Institute Of Technology ATLANTA
    23 New York University New York
    24 University Of Pennsylvania PHILADELPHIA
    25 Northwestern University EVANSTON
    26 Purdue University West Lafayette
    27 Univ Of California-San Diego San Diego
    28 Rutgers State Univ-New Brunswick New Brunswick
    29 Columbia University New York
    30 Univ Of North Carolina-Chapel Hill Chapel Hill
    31 University Of Rochester ROCHESTER
    32.. State Univ Of New York-Stony Brook Stony Brook
    33 University Of Arizona TUCSON
    34 Duke University DURHAM
    35 University Of California-Irvine IRVINE
    36 University Of Virginia CHARLOTTESVILLE
    37 Indiana University BLOOMINGTON
    38 Ohio State University COLUMBUS
    39 Syracuse University SYRACUSE
    40 University Of Colorado BOULDER
    41 Johns Hopkins University BALTIMORE
    42 Oregon Graduate Inst Sci & Tech BEAVERTON
    43 Pennsylvania State University University Park
    44 University Of Pittsburgh PITTSBURGH
    45 University Of Pennsylvania PHILADELPHIA
    46 University Of Minnesota MINNEAPOLIS
    47 Virginia Polytech Inst & State U BLACKSBURG
    48 Texas A&m University College Station
    49 Rensselaer Polytechnic Inst TROY
    50 University Of Florida GAINESVILLE
    51 Univ Of California-Santa Cruz Santa Cruz
    52 University Of Illinois At Chicago CHICAGO
    53 Univ Of California-Santa Barbara Santa Barbara
    54 Washington University SEATTLE
    55 Michigan State University East Lansing
    56 Boston University BOSTON
    57 Cuny - Grad Sch & Univ Center New York
    58 University Of Utah Salt Lake City
    59 Dartmouth College HANOVER
    60 University Of California-Davis DAVIS
    61 University Of Texas At Dallas RICHARDSON
    62 North Carolina State University RALEIGH
    63 Oregon State University CORVALLIS
    64 Vanderbilt University NASHVILLE
    65 Arizona State University TEMPE
    66 University Of Iowa LOWA
    67 Iowa State University IOWA
    68 University Of Oregon EUGENE
    69 Kansas State University MANHATTAN
    70 Lehigh University BETHLEHEM
    71 University Of Oklahoma L-1 Norman
    72 Louisiana State U & A&m College Baton Rouge
    73 Case Western Reserve Univ CLEVELAND
    74 George Washington University N.W. Washington
    75 Univ Of Southwestern Louisiana LAFAYETTE
    76 University Of Nebraska, Lincoln LINCOLN
    77 University Of Central Florida ORLANDO
    78 University Of Houston HOUSTON
    79 State Univ Of New York-Buffalo BUFFALO
    80 University Of Kentucky LEXINGTON
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    1. digi081116's Avatar
      digi081116 -
      my gre score is 310 and my b.tech percentage is 79% which university will i get??
      pl. reply..
    1. kishore548's Avatar
      kishore548 -
      my b.tech percentage is 65%
      plz suggest me the good score in gre and toefl/ielts to get an admission in a good college /university
    1. siraj's Avatar
      siraj -
      my gre score is 271 and my toefl score is 54 and my btech percentage is 60.17% can i get admission into them???????/plz reply me
    1. danielynch's Avatar
      danielynch -
      hi ajay,
      ms in cs
      gre-297(v-141,q-156), first attempt-1000(320+680)
      toefl yet to take
      1 year of work ex
      summer internships in mnc
      fyp-optical character recognition
      no papers or presentations
      some sports and extra curricular certifcts
      pls suggest some univ...

      thanks a ton in advance
    1. praveen9's Avatar
      praveen9 -
      hi, plz suggest some good univs. for ms prog. in com science

      1) my gre score 310/340 (153- verbal, 157-quant), AWA -3
      2) i have done an mtech in it cgpa -8, BE - 73%
      3) have a national research paper and 4 years of work experience
    1. Mahendran's Avatar
      Mahendran -
      hello guys suggest me some good universities(spring 2013) for ms in cs based on my profile

      1) my gre score is 290(138 in verbal and 152 in quants)(first attempt in revised GRE)(old GRE score is 850)
      2) toefl yet to take
      3) CGPA 7.5(BE - CSE)(2012 passout)
      4) one national conference paper
      5) one international conference paper and second international conference paper going to present in dis august
      6) my paper had been selected for two jounals and also they are goin to be publish the journals soon
      7) IBM-DB2 Certified

      pls suggest me some good universities for spring 2013
      reply as soon as possible

      thank u so much in advance
      reply to my mail id (mahent11@gmail.com)
    1. appy91's Avatar
      appy91 -
      University of Pennsylvania,Philadelphia is ranked 24 as well as 45
    1. Gezzot's Avatar
      Gezzot -
      Hello, my name is Vidhya. I am planning to apply for PhD in USA in Epidemiology. Can annoye help rate my chances? I plan to apply to Vanderbilt, UI-Chicago, University of Maryland Baltimore and SUNY Buffalo, all for Ph.D. (Epidemiology) programs. My particulars are:BSc = 8.18/10 (3.27 gpa)MSc = 9.0/10 (3.6 gpa)GRE = 1390 (600 verbal, 790 Quant, 5.0 AWA)TOEFL = 113/120.I've worked for 3 years in epidemiology research and have 1 first-author and 3 co-authored publications. Thank you in advance for your kind reply.sudheer says: hai i am sudheer verma ..i have got10th =90%inter =88%eengineering =70.2%gre scoresverbal=141math=157awa=1/6 sir could pls give me some university names to refer based on my scores i belong to civil engg vinisha says: Hi,I am planning for fall 2012 for MS in CS My GPA is 3.75/4.. I have 2 years of IT experience from a very reputed IT firm10th % = 92%12th % = 87 %My revised GRE score is:Quant: 158Verbal: 139AWA: 3/6Could you please tell me what are my chances to get into SJSU and USC.. Other than those 2, to which universities should I apply says: I was graduated in bachelor of public health with CGPA of 3.87/4.00. And I pursued my master's degree in biostatistics and health informatics with CGPA of 4.00/4.00-very great distinction. Now I have planned to study my PhD in US and I want to take GRE and TOEFLE. What seems my chance to get scholarship in US with my academic background I have? And is it must to take both TOEFLE&GRE or GRE is enough?Please I need your response, reader. Ur reply helps me much.Thank you in advance.Mark says: I hope your English won't be as poor on the GRE and TOEFL as it is here Otherwise your scores might be quite bad. says: I just got my gre score which is 278/340, is there a 6chance1ffa of getting add. in any university with dis score..i vent got my score for AWA.never stop says: i need to know the IELTS result helpful for US universities and i am so much confused which one i should take, IELTS, TOFEL or GRE???PAWAN JAKHOTIA says: Hello,GRE 1030 or 296/340TOEFLiBT 91/120SSC 74.26%HSC 56.17%BMS 66%Can i get admission in any of the foll universities for MS FINANCE.UNIVERSITY OF WYOMINGUNIVERSITY OF MISSOURI-KANSAS CITYTEXAS A&M COMMERCETEMPLE UNIVERSITYSOUTHERN NEW HAMPSHIRE UNIVERSITYMEMPHIS UNIVERSITY FOR MS in BUSINESS ADMINSTRATION with specialization in FINANCEHOWARD UNIVERSITYswati says: Dear FriendsI got disastrous revised GRE score of total 270 with AW 2.5 .I want to know that can i apply for PhD program in biology .I have decent Academic background and research experience .Earnestly waiting for your reply guys .plz help me out .ThanxxSwatiOmkar says: For PhD in US students are not admitted only on the basis of their GRE scores, but their academic and research background is also considered. If you have good publications and sound academic background you can still be admitted. Just contact professors in your area of interest, if someone find your profile suited for his project you have very good chance.swati says: Hi DearThanks a ton for advice.Could you pls tell me the names of some moderate universities there coz now after getting my scores i am in great dillema .My IELTS score is 6 .I have one publication and research experience of some good labs in India.Waiting for your replythanxxShishir Katote says: Hello,It is not a good news for you. kindly pardon me for it. especially AWM 2.5 won't help you get admitted to a GOOD PhD program without retaking GRE. the score of 270 is also a weakling for you and you really need to retake GRE. My friend Ajay Akhade (10th 93%. 12th 94.5%, B.Sc. Microbiology topper in University, M.Sc. topper in IIT roorkie was asked to retake GRE from his universities (conditional admission) with (his GRE core was 980 and AWM 2.5). He is now doing PhD in Immunology at NII. It is hard to digest but better you start preparing for GRE. It wont be very tough although! Best of Luck swati says: HiThanks,I appreciate the information and advice you have provided .Take careRegardsnever stop says: i am just preparing myself for GRE and my undergraduate CGPA is 2.9 and is there any possibility to get american university for masters after good GRE score and can you locate me the possible institutions.thank you! says: please can any one say what is the difference between prometric testing center and a ets recognized center.Because i have booked my slot for TOEFL ibt on feb 05th 2012 but my test center is not a prometric test center but it is an ETS recognised center,what should i do? should i cancel my test order and book it again in a aprometric test senter or shuld i take the test? is it recommended to take the test at ETS recognized center or not? plz any one reply to this.Nanu says: What is the Average New GRE Scores for admission to US Universities?I'm planning to apply for Fall 2012. I want to know average new gre scores for following universities.- UTA, UTA, UFL, Texas A&M.Suryakant says: I gave GRE on sep 21st and i got score of 300/340. I am into teaching maths from last 12 years. I want to do masters or PH D regarding teaching Mathematics. Please can annoye advice me which schools i should apply and where i can get financial AID. thank you.Gayatri says: Hi Suryakant,That's really nice to know! I'm also planning to apply for Ph.D Generally for Ph.D. everyone gets sponsored, but for Masters getting financial aid is more difficult. Have you done an M.Sc. from India? I got a total GRE score of 319, don't know how good it is, so I can't help you there. Have you given TOEFL/GRE Subject Test as well? says: Hi Suryakant,What Gayatri says is quiet true, getting Scholarship in Masters is bit difficult but for PdD it is easier. Consider Applying to Illinois Institute of Technology, Chicago (IIT C) before 30th Jan 2012 might fetch you some scholarship. Write to for help/assistance.All the bestSivayamini priya says: Hi,greetings HSBI got disastrous gre scores of new patter, verbal:131/170 , quants 138/170, AWA 3.5/6.0, TOEFL : 72,planning to retake gre again,1) when to take exam , so that i would be comfort in applying to univs for fall 2012 ? what is approx application deadlines fr univs fall 2012? 2) do i need to retake TOEFL as well?pls suggestregardsyamini says: Hi Yamini,How about your academics ? Your need to redo GRE . The Financial Consideration deadline for Illinois Institute of Technology, Chicago (IIT C) is 30th Jan 2012. Write to for any help/clarifications.All the bestSivaRAMANDEEP KAUR says:
    1. Mcaddy's Avatar
      Mcaddy -
      well, half is translated to an F in grdinag terms, but on toefl its a bit different, although its still not so great. dont worry, just keep practicing and studying and you will see results, believe me. your score can improve greatly with a tutor as well, so thats something you may want to try as well. good luck!
    1. Harikar8's Avatar
      Harikar8 -
      which university will i get for gre-294(verbal-141,quant-153) and b.tech-68.94,10th-88.88,inter-94
    1. fedron2012's Avatar
      fedron2012 -
      suggest me some best universities for my gre score 292 and btech 67%,10th 85 ,inter 90
    1. srikars's Avatar
      srikars -
      the same is the case with me
    1. srikars's Avatar
      srikars -
      the same is the case with me
    1. souravzzz's Avatar
      souravzzz -
      WTF is this?
    1. prasannakr's Avatar
      prasannakr -
      may i know the rank of university of missouri st-louis
    1. prasannakr's Avatar
      prasannakr -
      may i know the rank of university of missouri st-louis
    1. SKISHORE's Avatar
      SKISHORE -

    1. Sneha A J's Avatar
      Sneha A J -
      hi all..
      i'm looking for a good university in computer science(major).
      yet to take up GRE and TOEFL,
      engg: 76.10% aggri
      1 yr work experience as Analyst executive
      GRE expecting score: around 310
      could any1 help me out in listing few universities?
      you could mail me to sneha.jain@imrbint.com

      thank u in advance
    1. Monica N's Avatar
      Monica N -
      B.tech-7/10 with 1 backlog cleared
      GRE score-300

      What are the Universities in Texas to which I can apply ???

      Major-MS in CS
    1. Arun1991's Avatar
      Arun1991 -
      Please suggest some universities regarding MS in Interior design / Architecture
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