• Booming Software Technologies with Biggest Job Market in USA

    After completion of Masters in USA, many of you will join a IT consulting company in USA. They will train you in some software technologies and place you at a Client place. This Article lists the software technologies with highest number of jobs in USA.

    JAVA Job Guarantee Language

    If you have JAVA/J2EE Skill you can easily get job within one month. Your employer will get around 50-55 /hr. You can make easily 70/hr after 2 or 3 years. Lot of advances technologies are based on JAVA/J2EE. You can switch the technologies in future.

    Reporting Tools SSIS/SSRS, Hyperion, OBIEE

    Reporting tools are easy to lern. Student from Non IT major can choose this one. Very minimal Programming skills required. Basic database knowledge is required. Billing rates starts at 60/hr.

    Oracle SOA HOT in the Market.

    Very HOT in the market. You can easily make minimum of 75/hr.

    Hadoop/Bigdata Big thing in IT

    Future of IT is Bigdata. Billing rates start at 100/hr. This filed is just starting. Highest paid Jobs with Biggest clients like Apple, Facebook etc. You need SQL, Java skills to learn this.
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