• Best way to Send money from USA to India

    Dollar rate is high now. Want to know about Best way to Send money from USA to India? Tips when you send money from USA to India.

    Best way to Send money from USA to India

    Most of Indians are sending money to India though Xoom.com these days. Xoom offers transfers with in 4 hrs. Almost all banks and branches can receive money though Xoom. Best feature of Xoom is you can track transactions.

    Start transferring though Xoom>>>

    Alternatives to Xoom.xom


    Remit to India is offering 36 paise extra for first 3 transactions. They offer transactions to almost all Top banks.

    ICICI Bank Money to India

    This is not too fast as Xoom.com, but worth trying it. Transaction rate will be little higher than Xoom.

    Tips to Send money from USA to India

    When you remit money to India you always want Best rate. Check the three website above for best rate and use the service.

    Xoom offers locked in rate. It will fix the rate when you order the transfer. If you expect rupee may fell down you can use xoom to get the best rate.

    Check your Indian bank account once you receive confirmation from transfer service. Sometimes even after successful transfers message, money will not be credited to your Indian bank account.
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    1. stuti_twairi's Avatar
      stuti_twairi -
      Personally I would recommend Xoom. If you transfer money to an HDFC account or Punjab National Bank, the money gets there in less than 1 minute. Also, if you send more than $1,000 there are no fees. I would highly recommend using this service.
    1. Chandra_indian's Avatar
      Chandra_indian -
      Hey Guys, for everyone who wants to send money abroad I use TransferWise. Itís the most convenient and cheaper way that I found. Itís the only company that gives you the same xe rate with 0,5% fee( no hidden charges likes banks do) . I was using bank to bank before always less, not the rates they display. Transferwise is started by the founders of skype and paypal. It uses peer-to-peer system, innovative way of transferring money. Its far far better than banks or any other service. use the below link for your first transfer for free upto $4500: transferwise.com/chandra
    1. Unregistered's Avatar
      Unregistered -
      Hi all,

      Have you checked xoom.com lately? Xoom is now offering best exchange rates ever to India on top of its instant money transfer service - one more reason to try xoom.com.
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