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    Looking for the right book for your GRE preparation?? Here is list of some of best GRE books that you should make a note of.. (Must Read). These are rated as Best GRE Books of 2014.


    Here is a list of books that will help you in your GRE preparation and boost your test score:

    ETS Official Guide to GRE (2nd Edition)

    This is a must read book for every GRE aspirant. ETS is the organization that sets GRE, TOEFL tests, so books by ETS gives you good insight into the test. Reading every page of this book is recommended. The book clarifies all the concepts of different sections and also gives tips that are really helpful on test day. Also the book contains a CD which has full length tests. The software PowerPrep is exactly similar to that used in actual GRE test.

    Barron's New GRE (19th Edition)

    Barron's is one of the most well-known names for test preparations. This is a great book and will give you tactics to solve every sort of question that can appear in the GRE. It includes screen shots of every condition during the test which is quite helpful. The book also contain a CD which has two full length tests. Though the software of the test is not exactly same as in the actual GRE; many have claimed to get similar scores in Barron's tests and actual GRE.

    The Princeton Review- Cracking the GRE

    A book that won't bore you at all and makes your preparation fun and interactive. It also includes a DVD with loads of practice material.

    Kaplan's GRE Premier

    Gives great strategies and very useful tips, but lacks in language used. But the plus points are the lots of practice tests, both on the DVD and on website (KapTest).

    McGraw-Hill GRE

    This is the book known for its thoroughness. Every concept is well explained and individually scrutinized. Also gives you access to McGraw-Hill's online prep center containing plenty of practice opportunities. Also, it includes a special section devoted to logic.

    Manhattan GRE Series (8 books)

    This is another must-have GRE preparation book for all test takers. The book contains eight, well explained, strategy guides for the test each focused on different areas of verbal and quantitative reasoning. You feel as though there is a highly intelligent mentor guiding you through the material.

    There are many resources available even online to help you prepare for this test. Considering that the GRE can impact your life decisions, it makes sense to choose the right book for you. A high GRE score is critical to set yourself on your way to gaining admission to the school of your choice.

    There is no one perfect way to prepare for an exam like GRE. Everyone has a different ways of learning and retaining the information. So make the right choices of materials and courses depending on your goals early on and you'll be good to go!
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    1. Ms2312's Avatar
      Ms2312 -
      Thanks for the information.
    1. divyaa.s's Avatar
      divyaa.s -
      I have GRE score 298.
      IELTS: 8
      Master in micro bio: Grade A
      Bachelors in Micro bio: 85%. I have published 2 papers.
      I want to apply for Ph.D. in US or Germany. Can u kindly suggest universities with the above profile.
      Thanks .
    1. mvrs's Avatar
      mvrs -
      These books are really Gud...I had the Princeton 2014, OG GRE and Manhattann SC and RC Guides.
      With just one month of preparation I scored 310 in GRE.
      If any one is interested in taking these books from me PM at vrajz@yahoo.com
      The Manhattan series are also have 6 paid tests available which are unused in both,
      Happy studying.
    1. Unregistered's Avatar
      Unregistered -
      I have one month time to prepare for GRE,please recommend the best study material.
      Thank you
    1. ebhavaniprasad's Avatar
      ebhavaniprasad -
      Hi , I have completed my b tech I would like to prepare for GRE so anyone please suggest me a Good book for preparation i don't have any idea about GRE .
    1. venu gurrala's Avatar
      venu gurrala -
      Hai,I have completed my b.tech . I have only 1 month of time to take GRE exam .so please can anyone say good book for preparation
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