• Bank Statement Format for F1 Visa

    Student attending for F1 Visa Interview need to show liquid funds available in bank account to cover their first year of schools tuition/fee and living expenses. Usually the amount would be aroung 20-30 lacks. Amount will be listed on your I20 from the school.

    Bank Statement Format for F1 Visa Interview


    This is to Certify that Mr.******, R/O H. No.: 120-34-9, New Malplaquet, Hyderabad, A.P., India is having a savings bank Account in our bank,bearing A/C No: ***** and the credit balance in the above account as on date is Rs 20,00,000/- (Rupees Twenty lakhs only), which is equivalent to USD 43478 (USD Forty Three Thousand Four Hundred Seventy Eight only)

    USD 1 = Rupees 46/-

    This Certificate is issued at the specific request of the account holder for their son, Mr.******ís higher education in USA.

    Bank Manager's Name
    Phone number
    Address of Branch
    Bank Letter Instructions for F1 Visa

    Ask your bank manager to follow these instructions in preparing a bank statement. Some banks will have their own format for bank statement, but you can ask them this special format for your F1 Visa Purpose.

    1) Bank Statement must be a letter from bank manager of branch where you have the account.
    2) It should show the current balance in Indian Rupee and Equivalent US Dollar.
    3) Must be signed by Bank manager.
    4) Must show your bank account number and Physical Address.
    5) It should contain Bank manager's contact details like phone number, Email Address.
    6) Fake Bank statements are not allowed.
    7) Take printouts of last 6 months transactions and attach them to Main Bank statement.
    7) Maintain the balance for at least for 3-5 days.

    Bank statement format is just a few lines on the bank letter head about you and your account information and signed by manager at the end of the bank letter.

    F1 Visa Interview Questions on Bank Statement

    Do you have any liquid funds for F1 Visa? - Show your bank statement
    What is the bank Balance on your account.? - Tell the amount.
    Visa Officer may ask you about some particular transactions/amounts on your statement. So, make sure that you know about each transaction on the bank letter.

    Don't Submit fake bank statements. If you have money in an Online bank it would impress visa officer in the interview. They like it because any background check can be done easily.

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    1. Nikita's Avatar
      Nikita -
      if i pool in money from somewhere like my cousin. for how many days shud i keep that balance and wat do i explain from where this money came from. wud it be a problem if i truthfully say that my cousin has transferred it for visa purpose?
    1. luther_j's Avatar
      luther_j -
      Hi ,
      I had submitted a bank letter to the university for getting my I20.
      It has all the information mentioned above( Bank Letter Instructions for F1 )
      Can I use the same letter for my visa interview aswell? I had taken this letter on 21st april 2012 and my visa would be scheduled by the end of June 2012.

      please reply.
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