• B1 to F1 Visa Interview

    Here is my visa experience, Second time at the US consulate already have a B1 Visa.
    Consulate: Chennai
    Date: 25/07/2014
    Time: 8:30 am
    Counter no: 18

    I reached the consulate by 8.10am, thought would sent in directly. There was mad rush and huge no. of ppl waiting. After waiting for two and half hours reached the finger print counter then reached my counter for my interview at 10.30 am.

    she was very young lady (24-28 age), 9 ppl in front of me got straight rejects and i was the 10th candidate.. omg i was freak out... i just faked all my fear with a smiley face.

    Me: Gud morning
    VO: Said Gud morning and was typing something.
    Me: Do u want my passport?
    VO: Your Passport and I-20 please.
    gave them to her,
    VO: So you have a B1 visa already?
    Me: yes (with big smile)
    VO: Where did u work?
    Me: FLSmidth Pvt. Ltd.
    VO: Are you still working?
    Me: No i resigned last month.
    VO: What was your job profile?
    Me: Explained in detail about WHRS
    VO: I cant understand technology and innovations related subjects, please explain in simple words and slowly, so that i can follow you
    Me: No problem, in an extract we generate power from waste gas from cement plants.
    The VO got really busy was called inside several times and was totally distracted and she kept on apologising was the delay and for making me wait. At last after 5 min
    VO: We have not provided you with the best of the customer services, you were being very patient with me.
    Me: No prob please take your time.
    VO after continuously typing for 3 min r so...
    VO: Your visa is approved. But you have to sign your I20 in the bottom and fill in the details, will be questioned in the immigration centre.
    Me: sure i will do that, said Thank you
    VO: your welcome with a smiley face.
    This was my lucky day. My suggestion would be always have a smile on your face and most important thing groom yourself to be best extent possible and dress appropriately.... u looks shows how confident you are and brings a pleasant feeling to the officer. Answer clearly and upto the point, Avoid having a big dialogue with the VO. All the rejects before me went on like a interrogation, so keep it simple.
    All the best guys

    -- Visa Experience of MSinUS Facebook member.
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