• Top Aerospace Engineering / Aeronautical Universities in USA

    USA University Rankings for MS in Aerospace Engineering and MS in Aeronautical Engineering. Top universities for MS in Aerospace and Aeronautical Engineering.

    1 California Institute Technology CA
    2 University Of Texas At Austin TX
    3 Cornell University NY
    4 Stanford University CA
    5 Princeton University NJ
    6 University Of Michigan MI
    7 Massachusetts Inst Of Technology MA
    8 Purdue University IN
    9 Georgia Institute Of Technology GA
    10 Univ Of California-San Diego CA
    11 Univ Of California-Los Angeles CA
    12 University Of Minnesota MN
    13 Texas A&m University CO
    14 Univ Of Illinois At Urbana-Champaign IL
    15 Virginia Polytechnic Inst & State U VA
    16 North Carolina State University NC
    17 Iowa State University IA
    18 Pennsylvania State University PA
    19 University Of Washington WA
    20 State Univ Of New York-Buffalo NY
    21 Auburn University AL
    22 Rensselaer Polytechnic Inst NY
    23 University Of Cincinnati OH
    24 Ohio State University OH
    25 University Of Tennessee-Knoxville TN
    26 University Of Kansas KS
    27 University Of Florida FL
    28 Air Force Inst Of Technology OH
    29 University Of Maryland College Park MD
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    1. nithi's Avatar
      nithi -
      hi friends i like to do MS. I am BE(2ND YEAR) electronics and communication engineering.i need a proper guidence about TOEFL
    1. sravan's Avatar
      sravan -
      what is minimum profile needed 4 the above all univ ?
    1. Chibby Dia's Avatar
      Chibby Dia -
      wht is the profile req for these universities'??
    1. Goofy Andy's Avatar
      Goofy Andy -
      what is the profile required for the above mentioned best five universities ? please help . My academic record is not that good. what are the chances that i can get admission into one of the best five universities ??? please anyone help me out
    1. sravan's Avatar
      sravan -
      Embry riddle university ??????????????????????
    1. sadia's Avatar
      sadia -
      Florida inst of tech'???
    1. sadia's Avatar
      sadia -
      what about texas arlington'?
    1. sadia's Avatar
      sadia -
      university of maryland'?
    1. ansh16's Avatar
      ansh16 -
      I am an aeronautical Engineering graduate ( 2008-2012) from a private engineering college Career Institute of Technology and Management ( Maharshi Dayanand University , rohtak) in Faridabad, Haryana with a degree aggregate of 71.4%, 12th std -75.4%, 10th std -94.2%. I took my new revised GRE today and secured 315 ( verbal-156, quant-159) on 340 while my AWA score is awaited.I have 2 internships- one from HAL, Aircraft Division , Bangalore and another from Air India, New Delhi and a final year project on propeller thrust and rpm relationship. I also participated in VIRTUAL SUPRA SAE India 2010 and I am currently doing Internship in carrier Airconditioning and refrigeration Ltd, working on a fan design problem. I have been fairly active in extra curricular activities through school as well as college even coordinating literary activities during college fest.I am yet to take TOEFEL. I am interested in pursuing MS in aeronautics/aerospace preferably from one of the top 50-60 US universities and need scholarship also.I want to know if that is possible with my profile and which all universities among the preferred top 50-60 or otherwise can I apply to and hope of getting good or atleast decent scholarships.I am aiming for fall 2014.Can I apply for spring 2014 as well????? please HELP!!!
    1. santhoshl's Avatar
      santhoshl -
      what about embry-ridddle
    1. King's Avatar
      King -
      I know what your saying there . In the cuernrt economy its difficult to find a job that pays well and is stable . I have discovered that if you just work hard and are consistent you can go places . Look at the poster of this page , they are clearly hard working and have just been consistent over time and are now enjoying at least what would appear as somewhat of a success. I would encourage everyone to just keep hustling and moving forward.
    1. abhaykant's Avatar
      abhaykant -
      I have done my BE in computer science enginreering
      Am I eligible for a MS in Aerospace Engineering????

      Please guide me
    1. Unregistered's Avatar
      Unregistered -
      @santhoshl embry riddle is a university which specializes exclusively in aerospace domain. A GRE score of 310+ and some publications and good internships may get u an admit.
      @ansh16- yes u'll get an admit. univs below 10 are safe i think
    1. Unregistered's Avatar
      Unregistered -
      hi, i have done bachelors in electrical engineering.Can i get an admit in aerospace engineering?
      i got GRE: 295
      IELTS: 6
      12TH : 92.6%
      10TH: 93.5%
    1. vaishakh's Avatar
      vaishakh -
      I'm an aeronautical engineer.wish to do MS in US.which are the top universities and their required gre score
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