• Administrative Processing: 221(g) at Kolkata Consulate- Green/white/Orange Slip - Case Status Check online

    After your visa Interview at Kolkata consulate, if visa officer feels you are temporarily ineligible for visa they would give you a Green or white or Orange 221g Handout/Slip with additional instructions.

    221g DOESíT mean that your visa is denied. You just need to submit additional documents for the administrative processing. Consulate officer canít start processing your case until you submit documents listed on the 221g handout.

    Document or Passport Submission

    221g White or Green Slip:

    If you get a 221g White or Green slip you need to submit documents and/or passport at the nearest VFS center. For the list of VFS centers go to www.vfs-usa.co.in and click on US Visa Application Center.VFS center may charge you for this.

    Check your case status online at http://photos.state.gov/libraries/ko...sing120611.pdf

    Your case Status could be Required Questionnaire, Pending, Completed, and Abandoned

    221g Orange Slip:

    you will be contacted by the Consulate if and when further action is required. Do not contact the Consulate.
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