• About GRE Official Score report (Hard copy)

    I appeared for the exam before two months.I haven't my Official GRE Score report. (Hard copy). Doesn't ETS send us a GRE Score hard copy to our address? I need to apply to Universities and they are asking for GRE Official score report. Please tell me how can i get GRE Official score report from ETS? I need to apply to Universities and appear for visa interview.

    GRE Official Score report (Hard copy)

    ETS will send GRE Official Score report your mailing address listed on on "My GRE Account". Some of the students are not receiving the official score card from ETS due to incorrect address given on My GRE Account. Remote addresses, Some villages in India won't receive ETS mails. So, give some address of your relatives, friends living in Cities or Towns having mail access to Bluedart and other Popular international postal services. Correct your address on ETS account and then call them to get Official score report.

    You can print GRE score copy from My GRE Account. If you need a copy of your scores for your records, you can log into your My GRE Account and view your scores, then use the print button on the page to print out your GRE test scores.

    You add this GRE score copy in application packet to let university know about your GRE score.. But, Universities require official score reporting from ETS.

    Most of the US Consulates consider Copy of GRE scores card from my GRE Account.

    How to send Revised GRE Scores to Universities? ETS GRE score Reporting >>
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    1. Rajesh9966's Avatar
      Rajesh9966 -
      With effective from July 1, 2013, ETS is not sending any score cards to the address present in ETS account. The one we need to take to the visa interview will be the printout from MyGRE account itself.
    1. mahadev018's Avatar
      mahadev018 -
      can v change the address in MY GRE ACCOUNT.. And is it necessary to give the same address as printed in the passport.. Thanks in avance
    1. Burke_10's Avatar
      Burke_10 -
      Hey, while registering for the GRE, was there a "RECEIVE SCORES BY HARD COPY option?
    1. Unregistered's Avatar
      Unregistered -
      my name is A. Chiranjeevi and my CGPA is 2.5(70%) in graduation and 2.4(68%) in P.G, I have applied for M.S in following universities. Will i get admission in one of these universities.

      GRE score: 305
      IELTS score: 7.5

      lamar university
      texas a&m university Commerce
      arkansas state university
      farleigh dickinson university
    1. Unregistered's Avatar
      Unregistered -
      While uploading my GRE and TOEFL score card , downloaded from My GRE and TOEFL account, in the university' site, it shows protected documents and I am unable to upload it. What should I do ? Pls help me...
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