• 236k Petitions for FY 2017 H1B Quota

    USCIS received over 236,000 applications for FY 2017 H1B program. This is historically record high number for H1B Visa program. Last year USCIS received 233k applications which is 3k lesser than the current year.

    Following is the number of applications uscis received by USCIS over the past few years. for the FY 2011 quota uscis accepted h1b petitions until Jan 26th 2011.

    History of H1B Petition Counts - 2008-2016

    Year Number of Petitions
    Apr 1st 2016 236,000
    Apr 1st 2015 233,000
    Apr 1st 2014 172,500
    Apr 1st 2013 124,000
    Apr 1st 2012 No Lottery. Quota Filled on June 11th
    Apr 1st 2011 No Lottery. Quota filled on Nov 22nd
    Apr 1st 2010 No Lottery. Quota filled on Jan 26th 2011
    Apr 1st 2009 No Lottery. Quota filled on Dec 21st 2009
    Apr 1st 2008 Lottery. 163k total. 31,200 advanced degree applications.

    Lottery Result started & Probability of getting Selected

    Advanced degree Quota applicants started receiving lottery result about whether their petition got picked or not from Apr 11th onwards. Your lawyer will receipt notice about the same if your petition got picked in the lottery. Your employer can also verify it by check deduction.

    You can check your case status with receipt number: https://egov.uscis.gov/casestatus/landing.do

    If you are a premium processing applicant and if you don't receive lottery decision by May 16th 2016, you can assume that your petition is not picked in lottery. Regular processing applicants can wait till end of May for the lottery decision.

    Those who got picked in lottery can expect approval decisions starting around April 18th.

    Probability of getting Picked in the lottery is here. Since masters students had 20k reserved quota they are the biggest benefitors of the h1b program over Regular Quota.

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    1. azinmir's Avatar
      azinmir -
      Is there any time to send petition for FY 2017 program ? According to website, May 16 is the date for petitions requesting premium processing.
    1. sangavi's Avatar
      sangavi -
      please let me know the advantages in doing MS in top universities and ideas to get into it
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