• 221g visa refusal - Administrative Processing - F1 Visa interview at Hyderabad consulate - Case Status Online Check

    221g for F1 visa Inteview or H1B visa interview means US embassy need more time to evaluate your documents or may require additional documents from you to take decision on your visa application.

    After the visa interview you will be given a Blue or Yellow colour form for a 221g. 221g doen't mean that ur visa is refused permanently. After Submisison of additional douments listed in 221g slip your visa application will be re-considered.

    What to do if I get a 221g Blue or Yellow form at Hyderabad Consulate?

    Submit the Passport and documents mentioned on the blue or yellow form at the nearest US – VFS center. They may charge you for the service. For the list of VFS centers go to www.vfs-usa.co.in and click on US Visa Application Center. Consulate cant process your application until you submit those documents. Requested information can also be emailed to infoushyderabad@vfshelpline.com.

    How to check the 221g case at Hyderabad Embassy Status online?

    After submitting the documents, you can check the status of your case online on Hyderabad consulate page. Case status will be updated every week day.


    How long will it take to get decision from embassy on 221g?

    Consulate will return your passport after their processing is finished. There is no exact time limit for processing 221g. Usually it will take 2 week to 3 Months.
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