• Average Revised GRE Scores for Top US Universities for Masters and PhD

    Here is list of Average GRE Scores required for admission into US Universities. Average GRE Scores means the average of GRE score of all applicants accepted in a University or Graduate Schools in USA. You can look into average GRE score to find out what range of GRE scores a university is accepting. Minimum GRE, Maximum GRE score of the applicants will be around this average score.

    If you are applying to competitive majors like Computer Science, Electrical Engineering, add a score of 5 + to the verbal and Quant scores below. If you are from non-engineering majors you may do 5- in each sections to get your required Revised GRE score to apply to a university.

    Average GRE scores for top US Universities

    Here is a list of US universities with the average Revised GRE scores for their MS and PhD programs

    US Universities listed by GRE Scores >>

    Profile Evaluation for MS, PhD in USA >>

    Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT):
    Verbal: 158
    Quantitative: 159
    Writing: 5.3

    Stanford University:
    Verbal: 159
    Quantitative: 158
    Writing: 4.8

    University of California, Berkeley:
    Verbal: 153 – 156 score range
    Quantitative: 167
    Writing: 4.5

    University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA):
    Verbal: 155
    Quantitative: 167
    Writing: 5.0

    University of Virginia:
    Verbal: 163
    Quantitative: 166
    Writing: 4.5

    University of Michigan – Ann Arbor:
    Verbal: 160 range
    Quantitative: 167
    Writing: 5.0

    University of North Carolina – Chapel Hill:
    Verbal: 158
    Quantitative: 160
    Writing: 4.5

    Georgia Institute of Technology:
    Verbal: 158
    Quantitative: 167
    Writing: 4.3

    University of California – San Diego:
    Verbal: 162
    Quantitative: 160
    Writing: 5.5

    University of Illinois – Urbana/Champaign:
    Verbal: 155
    Quantitative: 165
    Writing: 4.0

    University of Wisconsin – Madison:
    Verbal: 163
    Quantitative: 731
    Writing: 4.5

    University of Washington:
    Verbal: 156
    Quantitative: 167
    Writing: 4.0

    Pennsylvania State University:
    Verbal: 150
    Quantitative: 165
    Writing: 3.0

    University of Florida (UFL):
    Verbal: 154
    Quantitative: 165
    Writing: 3.0

    University of Texas , Austin:
    Verbal: 155
    Quantitative: 165
    Writing: 4.0

    Ohio State University:
    Verbal: 156
    Quantitative: 165
    Writing: 4.0

    California Institute of Technology:
    Verbal: 160
    Quantitative: 157
    Writing: 5.0

    Duke University:
    Verbal: 160
    Quantitative: 160
    Writing: 4.5

    University of Chicago:
    Verbal: 158
    Quantitative: 167
    Writing: 4.0

    Northwestern University:
    Verbal: 160
    Quantitative: 160
    Writing: 5.0

    Washington University in St. Louis:
    Verbal: 161
    Quantitative: 160
    Writing: 5.0

    Johns Hopkins University:
    Verbal: 163
    Quantitative: 164
    Writing: 4.8

    Rice University:
    Verbal: 160
    Quantitative: 167
    Writing: 5.0

    Emory University:
    Verbal: 153
    Quantitative: 306
    Writing: 4.0-6.0

    University of Notre Dame:
    Verbal: 165
    Quantitative: 165
    Writing: 5.3

    Vanderbilt University:
    Verbal: 157
    Quantitative: 166
    Writing: 4.8

    William and Mary:
    Verbal: 158
    Quantitative: 160
    Writing: 4.5

    Johns Hopkins University
    Verbal: 159
    Quantitative: 162
    Writing: 4.2

    Universirty of Texas At Dallas
    Average Verbal Score 150
    Average Quant Score: 163

    Rutgers University
    Average Verbal Score 152
    Average Quant Score: 162

    Please add scores for other US Graduate School GRE score requirements in the Comments.

    Average GRE Scores, GRE Cut off Scores - Duke University
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    1. tanmoy758's Avatar
      tanmoy758 -
      I would like to apply for M.S in Structural Engg. on fall 2014.

      GRE 299 (V: 146, Q: 153, AWA: 3)
      TOEFL 84 (R: 19, L: 20, S: 23, W: 22)
      B.E. (Civil Engg) 7 CGPA
      Work Exp 1yr
      12th 78%
      10th 66%
      Post Grad Dip in Structural Design
      Univ Publication 1
      Symposium 1st pos 3, 2nd pos 2

      Please suggest some universities that suits my profile.

    1. shalabh's Avatar
      shalabh -
      some good universities for ms in robotics gre score 307
    1. gvinay23's Avatar
      gvinay23 -

      Please suggest universities in US for these scores in Industrial or Mechanical Engineering
    1. divyap8's Avatar
      divyap8 -
      Quote Originally Posted by pintu_ View Post
      hiiii my gre score is 323..
      toefl yet to take
      suggest me good universities accordingly with funding for spring'13/fall'13
    1. sandy14's Avatar
      sandy14 -
      GRE - 305 ( V - 140, Q - 165 )
      Toefl - 84
      Btech - 65%
      Inter - 86
      10th - 75
      planing for Fall-2014
      can you suggest me some universities which i can get admission?
    1. Unregistered's Avatar
      Unregistered -
      This is REddy, Please evaluate my profile,
      GRE - quants 145, verbal 145, AWA 2.0
      IELTS -5.5 speaking 5.5 , Reding 5.5, Writing 5.5, Listening 5.5
      B.tech -58%,
      Intermediate 67%
      SSC - 72%
      Job Exp, 3Yrs, in Software field
      suggest me some decent Universities.
      Thank you
    1. Unregistered's Avatar
      Unregistered -
      Hi My GRE score is 308 (149 + 159)
      I have 2.5 yrs of Experience in TCS.
      SCJP and OCA Certified + Six Sigma Green Belt Certified
      Can some one suggest me some university in USA....
      Really confused if my score is valid for applying in Good Top 30 University or NOT
    1. MSUSA's Avatar
      MSUSA -

      My quant score-149


      planning to do MS in Computers

      Please please suggest me some universities that i confirmly get i20..
    1. Unregistered's Avatar
      Unregistered -
      is there no scholarships for m.s in pharmacy pursuers in the us. please help.
    1. Unregistered's Avatar
      Unregistered -
      Verbal 143 and Quants 167 ! I know there's a wide difference ! Still what colleges do you suggest ?
    1. K Divya Lakshmi's Avatar
      K Divya Lakshmi -
      I scored 314 in GRE (V-152, Q-162, AWA-4). 8.95 CGPA. yet to take TOEFL. Currently in 3rd year pursuing Electrical & Electronics from SRM University. Want to do MS in bioelectronics or artificial intelligence. Pls suggest good univs that I can apply to and get financial aid.
      Thanks in advance.
    1. manasa teja's Avatar
      manasa teja -
      hi guys,
      gre verbal-137
      btech mechanical engineering-82%
      please any for evaluate my profile and suggest me universities.
      thanks in advance
    1. Unregistered's Avatar
      Unregistered -
      Pls evaluate my profile:
      Gre:306 (Verbal:147, quantitative:159, awa:4.0)
      Toefl:105( Reading:26, Listening:25, Speaking:27, Writing:27)
      Btech in ece with 83%
      Can anyone suggest me some universities according to my profile for ms in Us or Canada.
      Thanking you in anticipation..
    1. balajisriraj's Avatar
      balajisriraj -
    1. Bikas's Avatar
      Bikas -
      I have recently given the GRE exam and my scores are:
      verbal - 144
      quant - 159
      AWA - 2.5
      I am planning for PhD in Physics. Is my score sufficient or I need to retake the exam?
      I have sent my scores to following:
      UT, Arlington
      University of New Hampshire
      University of Delaware
      University of Iowa
      Do comment about gre scores on these universities too.
    1. Unregistered's Avatar
      Unregistered -
      hi my
      GRE score 283
      waiting for IELTS score
      i have 3.5 years of working experience.
      please suggest some universities to apply
    1. another_sloth's Avatar
      another_sloth -
      Quote Originally Posted by Amber View Post
      Hello all,
      I require assistance in selecting some universities for applying in fall 2013 session for MS in US. My profile is :
      1) GRE : 321(Verbal - 156, Quant - 165, AWA - 3.0)
      2) TOEFL : 107 (Reading-30, Listening-26, Speaking-24, Writing-27)
      3) B.Tech C.S.E : 76% (U.P.T.U.)
      4) 12th : 86% (C.B.S.E)
      5) 10th : 88% (C.B.S.E)
      6) Sun Certified Java Programmer
      7) Work Experience : 2 years (as on 1 August, 2012) in J2EE.
      8) Experienced in technologies : Spring, Struts, Hibernate. Adept to Apache, Tomcat, Marklogic Database, Wowza Media Server, Oracle.

      So far i have selected some universities. Please help me in balancing my selection for universities among Safe, moderate and dream universities selection :

      University of Michigan--Ann Arbor
      Columbia University
      University of North Carolina--Chapel Hill
      University of Southern California
      Stony Brook University—SUNY
      Northwestern University
      University of Colorado—Boulder
      University of Florida
      North Carolina State University
      New York University
      U CA SAN FRANCISCO -*4840
      Hi Amber, have you gotten accepts from one of these colleges? I got a score of 320, similar profile, but gt rejected by every college.
    1. ri28's Avatar
      ri28 -

      I want to pursue an MS in computer engineering or engineering management(I'm not sure at the moment)
      Here is my profile:

      GRE: 326 (168 Quant, 158 Verbal, AW- 4.0)
      TOEFL not needed (I am a US citizen and california resident)
      GPA: 7.3 (WES GPA is 3.45)
      Top 15 engineering college in India
      Undergraduate course: B.Tech Computer Engineering
      Work experience: 1 internship + 2 months experience in a very successful startup in my college
      Extracurriculars: numerous- about 10-15 activities, a little bit of social work
      research: plan on doing some research in summer and research project for BTech project. Nothing as of now. trying to get publication.
      LOR: hopefully 1 from HOD, 1 from well-known faculty (All professors having phD)
      SOP: hopefully should be good enough. in top 2000 out of 3lakh applicants. was a national top 1percentile student while i was in US.

      I am a resident of california, and hope to get into the UCs since I want in-state tuition, which i am eligible for (I have already confirmed this). Please tell me how I can work on my profile and my chances of getting into University of california and other top colleges like UPenn, NYU, Georgia Tech etc.
    1. Unregisteredx's Avatar
      Unregisteredx -
      Please give Average minimum maximum GRE scores at WEST VIRGINIA UNIVERSITY
    1. hosseinmahmoodi's Avatar
      hosseinmahmoodi -
      Hello everyone
      I graduated in master's degree in organic chemistry.
      my GRE score : Q.160 V.140 w.3
      my TOEFL ; 90
      I am a international student and I have published 2 ISI paper with IM 2.7 and 2.6 in material science. Also my master's degree average is 16.2/20.
      I would like to continue my education in american universities.
      please guide me. In which universities can I get fellowship,TA or RA?
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