• 2,33,000 H1B Petitions received FY 2016 ** All time Record **

    USCIS received over 2,33,000 applications for the year 2016 Quota. It's sad news to many masters Quota applicants as the number is huge which is an all time record in H1B history. Let us get into the details.

    233000 H1B Petitions for H1B FY 2016 Quota

    USCIS announced today that it received 223k petitions during the H1B filing period which starts on Apr 1st. It's far beyond expectations! 233k? No one predicted such a figure not even USCIS or popular law firms. For the first time in the H1B history USCIS took such a long time to announce the count.

    Last year USCIS received 172500 applications.

    Today the agency conducted computer generated lottery for the 65,000 regular quota and 20000 advanced degree quota. It will reject the petitions that are not selected in the lottery, send the packets back to employer, will not charge fee for the rejected applications.

    Probability of getting selected in H1B Lottery

    We have 65k General category cap and 20k masters cap. Where as we received 123k applications. USCIS didnt declare the exact number of masters applications received, which make the exact probabilities un-predictable.

    Having 233k application for 85k availability, Masters students will have 36% of chances to get selected in the lottery, regular processing may have around 30%.

    H1B Lottery Decision

    Usually premium processing application will be evaluated quickly if they are selected in the lottery. Last year they started updating the lottery decision around Apr 12th onwards. You will see the lawyers receiving USCIS emails from this week.

    As announced by USCIS it would begin premium case processing no later than May 11th 2015, which means it may take 15 days after that for the decision to come out.

    Regular processing applicants may be updated from around 20th onwards.
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      Unregistered -
      Your way of finding probability of H1B visa for Master's students is wrong. Without the number of Applications from Master's students, finding the probability of H1B visa for a Master's student is not possible. It is not even close it 36%, it will be much higher, as their application is put into lottery twice.
    1. Unregistered's Avatar
      Unregistered -
      yes the probability of selection for masters cap given in above post is wrong,As USCIS has not declared how many applications are received for it yet.
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      bdworld4@gmail -
      Please help h1b visa.
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      balaram debnath -
      My need h1b visa.
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