• Documents required to apply to US Universities

    List of Documents required to apply to US Universities for MS in US. Document checklist for US University application. Documentation you need in Application process.

    Documents required for applying to US Universities

    I want to apply for US universities for MS in US. How to apply to US Universities for MS, PhD, MBA? And what are the Application documents required to apply?????

    The first step in applying to universities is to fill the online application. If online application is not available for a particular university then download paper application from the university's website. Then send the following documents to university's graduate admission office. Requirements may change from university to university. Visit the university and department website for exact requirements.

    List of Documents required to apply to US Universities

    1. DD/Bank check for Application fee (If you have not paid the application fee online)
    2. Recommendation letters (from 3 lectures) - one letter from each lecturer. Click here to see Recommendation letter formats.
    3. GRE/TOEFL/GMAT/IELTS Score Xerox. (Also you have to report the test scores officially)
    4. Transcripts (Bachelors Degree). Click here to find How to Get Your Official Academic Transcript for Graduate School.
    5. Bachelors Degree certificate (If available)
    6. SSC/10th or Equivalent Certificate
    7. 12th/ intermediate or Equivalent certificates
    8. SOP (Statement of Purpose) Click here to know how to write a SOP and for Sample SOPs 9) Bank statement
    9. Affidavit Click here to see sample self-affidavit
    10. Study certificate or Job experience certificate
    11. Photo Copies of first and last pages of your passport
    12. Copies and proofs of all your other activities (Ex. Paper presentations, Your organizing skills in your symposiums etc.)
    13. Other documents you have.
    14. WES Evaluation (If the university requires)

    University admissions- Frequently asked questions

    Can i apply for universities without taking the GRE/TOEFL tests?

    Yes, you can apply for universities without taking the tests. But universities will take decision on your admission only after receiving test scores.

    I have sent xerox copies of GRE/TOEFL scores to universities. Still Do i need to send the scores officially?

    Yes, you must report GRE/TOEFL scores to universities through ETS. Sending xerox copies is only for fast processing of your application.

    when should i apply to Universities?

    Try to apply 5 to 9 months earlier than the application deadline dates. You would have more probabiliy to get funding if you apply early. In order to get admission into some of the top universities some students apply earlier by 1 year of deadline.

    Do i have chances of getting admission if I apply after deadline?

    Most of the Low ranked universities won't consider deadlines. You would have good chances of getting admission even if you apply after deadline. But this is not true in case of top universities.

    What is GPA? What is my GPA?

    GPA means Grade point Average. It is the standard measure of performance of a student in USA. It is similar to the 100% scoring system in India. There is an institution called WES. They will evaluate your transcripts to calculate your GPA and send the reports to universities. Click here to see the procedure with WES.

    Know about WES Evaluation in admisison process: http://www.msinus.com/content/what-w...aluation-1709/

    I have heard GRE/TOEFL scores plays main role rather than regular academic percentage. Is it true?

    Most of the universities will consider GRE/TOEFL score rather than academics. Admission committees consider standardized exams, like the GRE, MCAT, LSAT, and GMAT, to make comparisons among applicants from different countries and different universities. Therefore if you have a low academic percentage, it is essential having good test scores. Some of the universities like University of Cincinnati will consider strong academic percentage of a student rather than his GRE/TOEFL scores.

    What is Form I20?

    A Form I-20 is a government form that tells the U.S. government that you are eligible for F-1 Student Status. It certifies that (1) you are or expect to be a "bona fide" student; 2) you meet our admissions requirements; (3) you will pursue a full course of study; (4) you proved to us that you have enough money to study and live in the U.S. without working illegally or suffering from poverty.
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    1. Pushpa's Avatar
      Pushpa -

      I have done my Btech in 2011 and working from a year. I have given IELTS and scored 6.5, so that i can apply for colleges in future. Now i am ready to apply. Can someone guide me.?
    1. ghulam md's Avatar
      ghulam md -
      how could i get admission in MS with scholarship?
      what's the procedure to get scholarship from universities?
      pls reply as fast as possible,its about my career thank you
    1. gulshan's Avatar
      gulshan -
      wat is ideal time to try for spring 2015.
    1. fatimawaqa's Avatar
      fatimawaqa -
      Transcripts (Bachelors Degree).
      Bachelors Degree certificate (If available)

      My question is I wont have my degree nor will I have my transcript with me by the time I apply to admission that is in Jan 2014 for fall 2014 admission as I am graduating in JUNE 2014.. what should I do? I am very confused .. please guide in this regard
    1. sharan91's Avatar
      sharan91 -
      i finished my enginnering in information technology with 7.09% and no backlogs. i did ielts with overall band score 6.5.. i did not write gre nor toefl. will i able to get into any of the universities in US.. i already check one university "long island university post campus" for master of information systems course. The university asks only ielts score of 6.5. if i get call letter from the university and i apply for my visa , will the visa be approved.. or any problem wil b caused during the interview?? please do help..!!!
    1. sharan21's Avatar
      sharan21 -
      i finished my enginnering in information technology with 7.09% and no backlogs. i did ielts with overall band score 6.5.. i did not write gre nor toefl. will i able to get into any of the universities in US.. i already check one university "long island university post campus" for master of information systems course. The university asks only ielts score of 6.5. if i get call letter from the university and i apply for my visa , will the visa be approved.. or any problem wil b caused during the interview??
    1. swati_sams's Avatar
      swati_sams -
      Hi Ajay,
      The document list does not include bank declaration/financial declaration. Do you mean are these documents not mandatory? Can you please explain how can we apply for bank loan before applying to a university? The situation is bank will approve loan when u apply and got an admission letter, other other hand if you don't show financial declaration the colleges will not accept u r application. So what is the solution for this deadlock?

    1. naveen ms's Avatar
      naveen ms -
      hi plz suggest me some tips for ms in usa. i want to go in august 2014.
    1. anirudhsai's Avatar
      anirudhsai -
      Sir, With a lot of stress i am asking you with the hope that you would reply. Do we need to show the American Universities our Bank statements while applying itself? Can you explain me the process in detail?
    1. Monisha7's Avatar
      Monisha7 -
      Hi ,
      I want to do MS in Marketing in US.
      I have done my engineering in Information Science. Can u recommend good universities.
      I have yet to write my gre and toefl. I'm planning to apply in December for the sep 2014 batch.
      My cgpa is 8.14 .
    1. DevT's Avatar
      DevT -
      Regarding letter of recommendation; ahh actually I am working with a firm since last 3 years and the Uni from where I did my graduation is far from here so my question is that will it work if I give recommendation letters written by my seniors from this firm instead of letters from lecturer??
    1. swipeviva's Avatar
      swipeviva -
      Hello Sir!
      I am yet to give my gre this dec'23rd! Is that possible to apply SUNY Buffalo state University in DSIP course? Can u please suggest me and also please suggest me which course may have good job opportunities either Digital Signal&Image Processing or Embedded Systems? Please suggest me . please do tell me! awaiting your message! Thanks In advance..
    1. hanna's Avatar
      hanna -
      pls help me out i want to study in USA tell me the necessary requirement and what to do
    1. piyush9688's Avatar
      piyush9688 -
      i want to apply for PhD programm. Do we have to show bank statement to them while applying?
    1. pras917's Avatar
      pras917 -
      Hi Sir,

      Please share some resume format for the application to MS program in CS.

      Its urgent.

    1. zaidiaaz's Avatar
      zaidiaaz -
      I have an existing backlog as of now in my transcripts. I just found out that I cleared my backlog and so now I don't have any. However it takes atleast a month for the results to arrive and by then my deadlines will be over . Should I apply with the result that shows a backlog. I am from Anna univ. I am considering the top tier universites . My gre score is 328 and toefl is 113. Cgpa is 7.9 with one backlog as of now. Please suggest what should I do. Thank you.
    1. er.beant's Avatar
      er.beant -
      i am currently in us on B2 visa. how can i change my status to f1 and take admission in ms program.
      i have done b.tech in 2010 and have 2 years of teaching experince also i have cleared gre and toefl exams.
    1. Unregistered's Avatar
      Unregistered -
      sir, i'hv less than 50% marks in my BE. do i hv any chance to study in US ?
    1. nithin0410's Avatar
      nithin0410 -
      I applied to 5 universities before a week, i applied it trough online. I even courired my documents to univ.After how many days i will recieve a acceptance letter and whether is there any need to check the status of application daily and how to check it.
      is there any need to send physcial certificate during courier bcoz some some univ are asking some thing like bacterial immunization im not sure.
    1. Unregistered's Avatar
      Unregistered -
      Hello Sir..!
      I am student of MBA in (Management In Information System),3.5 years course,now i am in 4th semester from international Islamic university Islamabad.I want to transfer remaining semesters in USA.Would u please suggest me university for remaining semesters,because i want migration with same courses.Thanks.
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